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We can’t stress enough how important it is to plan ahead for your retirement.

For some, even thinking about pension planning seems boring, for others it’s too far away to even think about.

But, with the average Pension requiring upwards of 25 years' of savings, it is never to early to start planning.

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All the information you need for expat retirement planning


What target fund do you require at retirement?
When and where would you like to retire?  What income would you like and what income would you need? 


Between now and retirement, it is important to manage your finances and budget in line with your long term retirement plan. Bonuses and surplus income can all make a massive difference to your savings pot over the long term.


Review your investments to ensure growth targets are met. Review legislation to be confident changes won’t affect your plans. Review life changes to keep you on track for your dream retirement.
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Probably the biggest savings plan of your life will be your pension. One of the most often asked questions is 'How much should I save for retirement?', but that question can only be answered by you. However, the biggest problem facing retirees is underestimating just how much you need to save to provide the right level of income. The earlier you start though, the more chance you have of living your dream retirement.

Many people can't envisage stopping working, preferring to perhaps reduce their hours and opt for consultancy to provide more freedom. However there will be a day when you will want the choice to work because you want to and not because you have to. It is this point of financial independence which we work with you to achieve, giving you the choices you want, at the time you would like them.

A full retirement review by one of our planners will enable you to take some time and imagine what your perfect retirment will look like and how much you will need to fund it. The review also takes into account any existing pensions, savings and investments and produces a cashflow model illustrating exactly what needs to happen in order to achieve your retirement goals. The plan is then managed and monitored, ammending your forecasts in line with any changes in your circumstances and expectations. All UK pension advice is supported by fully qualified, UK advisors so you can be confident that you are relying on the best possible advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the difference between a Final Salary (Defined Benefit) and Defined Contribution Pension?

A Final Salary or Defined Benefit Plan is structured in advance, the benefits are pre-defined and rigid. While this sort of policy provides the security of a constant income it cannot be controlled to suit your changing circumstances and requirements. For many the ability to be able to reduce and increase their income can be more important than a set amount.  There are many pros and cons for each scheme and, by law, any Defined Benefit advice must be performed by a suitably qualified UK advisor.

I can’t afford to save

The trick to retirement planning is to start saving as soon as possible to get the most from compound interest. A fund with 40 years to grow is more beneficial than one you create the year before you retire with no time to grow. It's not what you save it's when you save and the most important investment you will make will be the first one.

Property is my income, I will probably downsize and receive rent.

The property market can be fickle, it’s hard to rely on one single asset to supplement your income.  In addition, there can be tax issues and a whole host of other considerations such as maintenance and management.  Your property is also illiquid; you can't sell your garage if you need cash urgently.  Of course property plays an important role in healthy planning but it shouldn't be relied on as the one and only source.

The state will provide for me, I’ve paid taxes all my life

It is highly likely that such a large cost to the government will be cut further as recent rumours include making state pensions means tested and reducing the annual inflationary increase.  Despite having made long term contributions, state benefits should really be looked at as a bonus and not form the core fund from which you draw your income.

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