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Expat Mortgages

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At Guardian Wealth Management we understand that our Expat clients require a certain level of service.

Guardian Wealth Management partners with a mortgage specialist that can cater for foreign nationals, British expats and UK residents earning in foreign currencies, with a service tailored to meet your specific needs.

Mortgage options from mainstream mortgage lenders for British expatriates are limited as their criteria is very strict in the current economic climate and that’s why it’s important to help you access a wealth of international lenders and private banks that have access to specialist loans for expats.

Private lenders are more flexible in their underwriting criteria, treating clients on an individual basis, with terms to suit your specific requirements.

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For British nationals overseas mortgages can be structured in the UK or in many other jurisdictions. Assets can be cross charged (either real estate or liquid) to achieve the best possible lending terms, for example expat mortgages that take into account income structures like family trusts, offshore investments, and international wealth and multi-currency income profiles.

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Meeting ImagePlease complete the form listed with your mortgage requirements and an advisor will contact you to discuss the best option for your circumstances.

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