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John Hasberry Guardian Wealth Management Joint CEO has confirmed Josh Watson's appointment as the firms new Global Recruitment Manager.
Global equity markets fell further on Friday and Monday before rallying over the past couple of days to end some 1.5% lower since last Thursday.
Joint CEO of Guardian Wealth Management John Hasberry has announced the appointment of Rachel Disney as the firms new Operations Manager.
Tump’s tweet at 6pm UK time on Thursday stole the limelight and sparked a risk-off move, which is the focus of this update.
The US earnings season has been a little mixed across all sectors. Within technology, investors were disappointed by Netflix and Tesla but were…
Markets were pretty quiet this week and most major asset classes finished the week roughly where they started. The one exception to this is gold,…
This week, Her Majesty’s Navy were called upon once more to defend a British merchant vessel, this time from Iranian forces as Iran tried to impede…
In a week when researchers at Harvard used machine learning to try and figure out the authorship of some of the most disputed works in the Beatles’…
Based mainly on a dovish pivot by the US central bank and the hope that China will reflate, investors have seen strong returns for the first half of…
At the end of May this weekly report mentioned it was a bad idea to get too bearish since a trade deal, a cut in interest rates and improving US…

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