GWM are extremely pleased to announce the launch of GWM Property

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Following on from GWM’s continuous 2017 client focused enhanced proposition programme, GWM are extremely pleased to announce the launch of GWM Property.

This will see GWM partner with 3 global multi-national property providers, whom have hundreds of developments and opportunities available, which will provide and supply our clients with a full range of options and continued diversification. This ranges from new builds, in up and coming London areas as an example, extensive developments across Birmingham with the new HS2 train line, and providers able to source more established and mature units and our ability to refurbish and maintain those properties in order to provide that extra yield investors seek to stand out from the crowd.

GWM Property specialises in sourcing properties in locations that meet very specific criteria for our investors. GWM Property look for rising populations to ensure rental demand, increasing employment to ensure economic stability and infrastructure projects to sustain the future growth of the region.

As GWM continue to connect and interlink their group services, GWM Property will also open opportunities with the newly launched GWM services:

GWM Mortgages (launching Q4 2017)
GWM Wills (launching Q4 2017)

Commenting on the launch of GWM Property, GWM’s Group Chief Commercial Officer Mike Coady said:

Mike Coady GWM FX

“We believe that property demand remains high, and global interest rates, although increasing slightly, will remain low for some time. At GWM we also believe our clients remain motivated in buying investment property in order to diversify their holdings beyond traditional equity markets. Investing in property can deliver monthly income, steady capital upside and an increasing capital base to our clients.”

Coady added further “The UK market, for example, in the main still lacks property supply which remains a positive sign for investors, with the added factor that lack of supply also means that pricing remains high and this therefore pushes buyers into the rental market driving further rental demand.” … “location remains key for successful purchases, and we now move into an era where prices will be driven by hotspots in the North of England and new commuter belt zones”

GWM Property will be hosting regular seminars through our global seminar programme in many key destinations across the world.

Email info@gwm-intl.com

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