GWM predicts strong market conditions for Abu Dhabi in 2019

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The senior team at GWM believe that an injection of funds into Abu Dhabi, along with an increase in new jobs will boost activity in the personal finance sector.

GWM joint CEO David Howell recently spoke to Wealth Monitor in the UAE about why he is expecting a strong start for the UAE capital in 2019.

Discussing research into the Abu Dhabi market at the end of 2018, Howell said:

“There is no question about the level of optimism in Abu Dhabi currently – we are seeing a lot of new expatriate arrivals at the start of this year. Across the board there is activity such as the launch of new projects and developments and the opening of more attractions such as those on Yas Island."

“It really is an exciting time in Abu Dhabi and from the personal finance sector it means we increase the number of enquiries.

The challenge for us it to make our services and savings plans as modern as possible and, most importantly, bespoke for the people of Abu Dhabi.”

With a career in financial planning that spans over 35 years, David has seen many changes in the investment and regulatory landscape.

Since forming GWM in 1994 with joint CEO John Hasberry, David has witnessed the company grow in both size and reputation. Drawing on their collective experience from the UK and EU, the pair initially set up offices in Geneva before progressively expanding with the opening of regional hubs in the Far and Middle East, and more recently the US.

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