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GWM launch GWMFX - a new online currency exchange service

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In response to an overwhelming demand from its clients, Guardian Wealth Management have announced the launch of GWM FX, an online currency trading service which will allow, what they describe as, ‘increasingly mobile international workers’ to make efficient and cost effective money transfers using a wide range of currencies.

As part of the service, GWM FX clients will have 24/7 access to detailed insights and up to the minute market data ensuring they can confidently trade at the optimum time to achieve the greatest possible return.

Commenting on the launch of GWM FX, GWM’s Group Chief Commercial Officer Mike Coady said:

Mike Coady GWM FX

“By providing expats with genuine expert guidance we are presenting clients with a real alternative to using international banks who are charging fees of up to 5% on each offshore transaction."
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GWM FX provides invaluable solution

Bringing together cutting edge technology, real-time data and professional advice on each transaction, GWM FX will provide an invaluable solution to the modern expatriate worker whilst helping to ensure their money goes that bit further.

Commenting on the importance of a FX transfer service for international workers, Coady said:

“Currency transfers are part and parcel of the expat lifestyle, being able to make cross-currency payments at a fraction of the cost can only be a positive. That said, many of our clients aren’t solely driven by price. Accessibility and usability are of equal importance and this is something we believe GWM FX provides.”

Coady also stated that GWM FX will also work closely with the recently launched GWM Corporate Solutions to provide their corporate clients an additional value add to their proposition.

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Article originally published by MENA Herald Monday 22, May 2017.

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