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GWM enhance client journey with new automated financial planner e-tool

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As we continue our efforts to exceed the growing expectations of global investors, GWM’s advice and technical teams are constantly working together on new projects and solutions to improve the overall client journey experience.

One such recent collaboration has resulted in the creation of the GWM Automated Financial Planner, a truly innovative tool in the expat financial advice arena.

Commenting on the Automated Financial Planner, GWM’s Chief Commercial Officer Mike Coady said:

Mike Coady GWM FX

“Over the last decade I have witnessed first-hand financial planning calculations via a very manual process with a set of formulae, create unjustified assumptions and outdated statistics. A client however increasingly expects this information at their fingertips in seconds, both credible and comprehendible with a gamification feel. This has required GWM to reimagine the financial planning process from a client’s perspective. “

After identifying their personal financial goals, and having accounted for inflation, discounting rates, foreign exchange forecasts and other economic parameters, the GWM Automated Financial Planner then presents the client with various options for savings and investments, all within a fraction of a second.

Coady added:

“This automated financial planner e-tool further extends GWM’s competitive edge in the quickly growing wealth management arena. The tool is available across a spectrum of multichannel platforms making modern financial planning simple and accessible.

The Automated Financial Planner has already been positively received by both GWM advisers and clients around the world, and is the first of many e-tools planned for release in Q4.

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