Guardian Wealth Management commits to educating future generations on financial independence

As well as striving to provide the highest level of financial services to clients across the world including pension planning and asset management, Guardian Wealth Management advisers are taking to the classroom to educate students on how to manage their money and finances effectively.

Additionally, Financial Analysts from The GWM Group will be giving a talk to students at the American University of Sharjah on their experience of working in the financial services sector.


Joseph Borders, a Financial Planner at Guardian Wealth Management Middle East said of the initiative;

“After experiencing first-hand people’s failure to save in the region, or how easy it is to slip into bad debt, we feel it is integral to educate the talent of tomorrow with essential life skills that will ensure they leave higher education with the knowledge to make sound financial decisions.”

The first of many planned activities is a partnership with American University of the Emirates to conduct monthly seminars with students on financial education. In the first seminar, students gathered to gain knowledge on financial planning including understanding how to draft a successful financial plan, and the importance of working with a professional to manage assets. Joseph also shared his industry knowledge with students on topics including the core functions of the financial services industry, retail and institutional banking and the role of each function, the investment management industry, financial market knowledge, asset classes, and valuation methods.


Joseph added;

“More than their level of knowledge, what surprised me most about the students was their level of interest in the topics we covered. Their level of engagement and participation with thoughtful questions made the class a pleasure to teach. I wanted to be sure to leave something of value with each of them and wrapped up the lecture with a short discourse on how intelligent financial planning can impact long-term financial security. I am already looking forward to conducting my next seminar”,

Having been an expat since 2005, Joseph currently serves clients of 20 different nationalities, arranging bespoke financial solutions meeting each of their requirements, and stays abreast of relevant changes in matters of resident and non-res taxation, capital gain taxation, and succession planning.

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