Guardian Wealth Management appoints Trevor Pelling As New Regional Manager

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Guardian Wealth Management CEO John Hasberry has today announced the appointment of Trevor Pelling as Regional Manager of GWM Abu Dhabi.

An experienced adviser who has successfully led teams throughout the Middle East during his time in the region, Trevor possesses the tools required to help GWM Abu Dhabi realise its true potential.

Commenting on the appointment , John Hasberry Guardian Wealth Management CEO said;

john hasberry ceo
"Having arrived in Qatar in 2008, Trevor has held senior positions in Muscat and Al Ain, where he successfully turned around an under performing office within 12 months.

"During his time with Guardian Wealth Management, Trevor has displayed the qualities that we look for and we are confident he is the perfect choice to steer the office in the coming months."

Commenting on his promotion, Trevor said:

"With a seasoned experienced team and a great office, I see enormous potential and will be working closely with Paul and the Dubai team to ensure that the GWM brand is at full strength in the UAE at all times.”

Trevor added;

“The foundations laid by David Howell and John Hasberry at Guardian Wealth Management over the past few years, combined with a comitted team allow us to stand head and shoulders above our peers.”

John Hasberry added:

"As Trevor takes over the reins, we would like to say a big thank you to James Ferguson who having done a great job in recent months, is looking forward to spending more time nurturing his client bank."

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