GWM announce significant investor portal upgrade

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Continuing in its mission to improve the quality of financial planning advice available to international workers around the globe, The GWM Group have announced significant upgrades to its investor portal.

The revised portal allows users to take an immediate overview of their financial landscape. And by providing a view of both assets and liabilities, the client is able to see their overall net-worth through The GWM Group App, whilst their adviser is able to conduct regular reviews to ensure they remain on track to achieving their long-term investment goals.

Discussing the need to embrace online technology, GWM's Joint CEO David Howell said;

At Guardian Wealth Management we understand that as an international worker you may find yourself in the more remote parts of the world, without regular access to either your investments or your adviser. It’s important to know that wherever you are today, someone is looking after your tomorrow and our fully interactive intuitive investment portal allows you to do just that.”

This latest development follows recent upgrades to GWM’s online fact find and automated financial planner tools, and with many more in their final stages of development, Howell is keen to stress this is not the end of the traditional adviser.

"The needs of the modern-day expatriate are constantly evolving. By embracing technology, we are able to enhance the service offered to our clients as the world continues to become more tech savvy.”

David added;

“As a group we have strived to build a best in breed solution, in line with the more developed financial markets around the world, and this purpose-built investor portal allows our advisers to take the best practices from each region, to ensure expats are able to receive a level of service that they deserve.”

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