Money Habitudes

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How does your money personality affect the way you save it, spend it, invest it or pass it on?

or do you avoid thinking about it?

Recent psychological research has shown that your money personality (subconscious patterns of habits and attitudes) is silently influencing 80-90% of your financial decisions! Unfortunately, when you’re unaware of what’s working in the background of your brain, you may make irrational choices that seem so logical at the time!

What you don’t know can have major consequences!

Now you can discover your money personality and gain instant insights that can change your financial future! Guardian Wealth Management is pleased to offer you the exclusive opportunity to play the unique Money Habitudes® game to discover your money personality and get your personalised report.

Playing the game

  1. The better way to think and talk about money
  2. It will take about 10 minutes to play Money Habitudes® Solitaire
  3. A “habitude” is a combination of a habit and an attitude.
  4. The Money Habitudes® process helps you understand your habits and attitudes about money.
  5. Start your Game now!

After you have sorted all your cards, you’ll get some information about your money personality.

Please stay with the process and complete the questions in full, at the end, you’ll get a detailed summary of your results.


“Money Habitudes is so hands-on, it’s so immediate and there’s such great feedback on it.”

“They’re so unique, so neat and so fun. It’s a real thought-provoking thing to go through those cards!”

“Finances are a hard topic and a very personal one. The cards make it a much lighter issue.”

“People can think, ‘Oh, we’re just playing cards,’ but it has a lot of value beyond getting them to relax and have fun. It really helps people understand who they are and why they do what they do.”
“When people use the cards, there’s often a moment of truth,” says Routh.

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