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Safeguarding against frozen bank accounts in the UAE
GWM Dubai's Paul Butler highlights the most common reasons why your bank account might be frozen in the UAE and how you can safeguard against this, should the worst happen.

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Top tips all expat parents need to prepare for the next school year
With the summer holidays in full swing, planning for the cost your children's school fees is probably near the bottom of your list of priorities right…
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Plan for your children's future whilst living abroad
As a UK expat living abroad you have more than likely accepted that you will be faced with a hefty bill to educate your children; either in your…
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5 things millionaires do with their money that everyone should follow
It's widely accepted that most millionaires have a different mindset and qualities to the average person. Perhaps the most important difference…
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5 things only American Expats will appreciate today
As Americans the world over celebrate the day they gained independence from the United Kingdom we have complied a list of things that only American…
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My adviser went the extra mile and helped me claim a critical illness policy I didn’t know I had
Over the past 20 + years, Guardian Wealth Management have helped thousands of expats around the globe with a variety of financial planning solutions,…
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Wealth and Wellness for Women - St Regis Hotel Dubai
GWM Women Like Us are delighted to invite you to an exclusive evening of indulgent pampering, salsa lessons and personal well-being training at the…

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GWM Women Like Us are delighted to invite you to an exclusive evening of indulgent pampering, salsa lessons and personal well-being training at the…
Mums cost more than you think. The value of a stay-at-home parent in the UAE is probably more than you think. With life cover, often people focus on…
As a business owner, you have probably experienced the fundamental stages of any startup. You’ve come up with a great idea: check.You’ve put together…
With the proposals of the treasury causing concern amongst international workers in the Middle East, Guardian Wealth Management hosted a seminar…
Guardian Wealth Management are delighted to confirm the line up for the hotly anticipated Healthy, Wealthy and Wise seminar taking place on June 7th…
The uncertainty of Brexit and yet more raids on expat pensions, combined with low interest rates mean thousands of expats risk working longer and…
13th April 2017, Saw the launch of our Corporate Solutions division in Dubai due to ever-increasing demand for corporate planning in the UAE. The…
In the beginning the United States of America was classed as an emerging market in the investment world; met with scepticism as an investment by peers…
According to a poll carried out by Guardian Wealth Management, 41% of UK expats have no pension in place for when they retire.
Following on from our last blog which looked at saving for a rainy-day, this time Natasha looks at the implications of failing to budget correctly.
With transfer values at an all-time high and many companies struggling with their pension liabilities, now is the perfect time to review your final…

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