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Homeward Bound - Planning for repatriation
Many expats plan on returning home to retire after working overseas and international financial advice is crucial in providing for future family needs.

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A Succesful Evening With The Experts
On the 23rd June the British public voted in favour of leaving the European Union meaning the world now faces a period of uncertainty with many…
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Brexit - What does this mean for UK expats?
The British public voted in favour of leaving the European Union meaning the world now faces a period of uncertainty with many questions needing…
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Referendum Playlist
If you are struggling to make up your mind which way to vote then you might find our EU Referendum themed playlist helpful.
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Protect Your Savings From Brexit Uncertainty
We recently conducted a poll on whether expats thought the UK should stay or leave the European Union. Over 400 expats had their say and it seems…
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EU Referendum - A bit of a song and dance
BREXIT... IN.... OUT .... Everyone seems to have an opinion, politicians, business owners, even your friends on Facebook, but who is tackling the big…
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Make a million by saving for 7 years!
It has often been thought the number 7 has magical powers. A rainbow has 7 colours, David Beckham wore the number 7 when he scored that goal and…

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Whilst lifestyle financial planning is mainly about ensuring that you have the future that you dream of, we all have to take into account the…
IF Fed doesn’t announce a rise today, equities will surely like it. We could see a kneejerk reaction upwards.
The Emerson scheme has long been closed for all but the most senior employees, yet now they have announced internally that their final 475 active…
Don’t know your QROPS from your SIPPs? International pension options explained.
We are often warned about putting our eggs in one basket and when it comes to property it would seem that it is no longer the case that buy-to-let…
We've heard recently that BP are making some changes to their final salary scheme. As an offshore worker though, this is unlikely to greatly affect…
Now that the festive holidays are over and we are back at work our thoughts turn to the year ahead. Prudent financial planning in 2016 can be the…
Who does not want to get the best of their money in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia? As an expatriate, making money could possibly be the primary…
With oil prices fluctuating constantly and the introduction of VAT in the UAE due in 2018, concerns regarding the economic stability of the region…
The financial world is ever changing, with different legislations and regulations popping up seemingly every other day. As it is, ignoring and putting…
The past few months have been rough for investors. After a couple of years of low volatility movements in the upward direction, we are now seeing some…

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