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Smart phone technology means that no matter where you are in the world, you can find out whatever, and speak to whoever, whenever you want. In this blog post, Guardian Wealth Management reviews the top apps all expats need to have on their phone to do this, and much more!

Long gone are the days of expats communicating by snail mail and catching up on news from back home when the newspapers arrive a day late.

No smartphone should be without apps, but in a world where there is almost an app for everything, it can be hard to choose which ones you need.

To help with this dilemma, we have put together a list of what we think are the most important apps that all expats should have.


Instagram Logo

With over 700 million followers, Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform of 2018. Whether you find yourself snapping the Jet d’Eau in Geneva as it shoots water 140 meters in the air, the art deco buildings as you stroll along Miami’s Ocean Drive, or the light show at the Burj Khalifa as it illuminates the Dubai night sky, Instagram is the perfect app for capturing and sharing your expat memories.


Twitter Logo

Twitter is like a supercharged Facebook. The character limit, although recently increased, can hinder those with a lot to say but it does provide you with an up to the second news-feed that caters to your own personal interests. By following other ‘Tweeters’ you build a timeline of updates from people and or companies you want to hear from. You might choose to follow national and local news accounts to keep up to date with the news or you might follow the latest celebrity bloggers and tweeters to keep updated on developments in Made in Chelsea and TOWIE!

These days, news breaks on Twitter long before it has chance to reach print or a news readers desk.


WhatsApp Logo

WhatsApp users can send each other instant messages for free all over the world! As well as text, users can send photos, sound clip and videos free of charge although you should be mindful that it does rely on an internet connection so make sure to check how much internet usage your phone contract provides.

Google Translate

Google Translate

No longer do you have to worry about the awkward moment when you try to order a meal by pointing at the restaurant menu and speaking in very slow English. Type what you want to say into your phone and let your app translate it for you.

*Please note, There isn’t an app yet that controls how strong your regional accent becomes in this scenario!

Weather Pro

WeatherPro Logo

Whether you want to see how warm it is going to be today or just how wet and cold you would be if you were still back home then a weather forecast app is vital. Most smartphones come with inbuilt apps but none are as in depth as Weather Pro which provides hourly updated forecasts and rain radars


WeatherPro Logo

This free-to-download app provides everything the modern-day expatriate needs to keep their finances in check. With easy access to live financial information and a host of cutting edge tools such as Receipt Manager and Currency Converter designed to help with the everyday needs of the internationally mobile, the GWM Group App is a must have for all expats.

For GWM clients, the app brings financial advice into the palm of international worker's hands and allows users to contact their adviser and support team at the touch of a button

You can download the GWM Group App for your device by
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Let us know if you use one that we haven’t mentioned, or if you would like us to consider a specific topic for the next Guardian Wealth Management Reviews blog post.

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