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  • Pension income planning
    ———— The future of pension income planning – not just final salary schemes! Upon hearing the liberations in pension legislation – mainly the flexibility over taking pension income, the financial press were fast to announce the end to lifetime pension annuities, but surely they do still have a place in the market? Many clients are now looking to transfer their final salary plans in order to take advantage of private …

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Home  Welcome to Guardian Wealth Management; A summary of all our international financial services

Services – A summary of all our services specifically designed for International professionals

QROPS – A Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme, can give international workers and expats access to enhanced tax advantages and increased flexibility – allowing them more freedom to control their investments.

QROPS FAQs – Frequently asked questions about QROPS, their benefits and potential draw backs.

Gibraltar QROPS Available and Improved – Gibraltar now offers schemes that can be very favourable for clients looking for tax efficiency on their pensions. It is a well regulated financial centre which has seen many QROPS providers relocate there to offer the advantages Gibraltar brings.

Isle of Man QROPS are they the best? – There are many registered territories to transfer your pension to a QROP’s, is the Isle of Man one of the best?

Savings Plans – Whatever your motivation for saving, and whether you want to save a little or a lot, Guardian Wealth Management’s financial advisors can help you to identify and select the best savings plan for your individual needs.

Lump Sum Investments –  you’ve probably worked hard for your money so it is important that it now works hard for you.  Our Planners can help you find the right investments to suit your specific needs.

Education Fees Planning  – As an international worker you are likely to have very different planning requirements for your children’s education than if you were living at home.

Inheritance Tax Planning – Don’t let the tax man take too much!  By taking some simple steps and getting some professional advice you can minimise or mitigate any Inheritance Tax liabilities and make sure your cash goes to the people you want it to.

Passing on Wealth – many people like to leave a nest egg for their family.  Here you can find information about how to safely and legally pass on your hard earned savings.

Retirement Planning – One day your income will stop.  As an international worker you will likely have specialist requirements and needs, requiring portability and security for these long term investment plans.  Our International planners can give you independent advice and find the right solution for you now, and in the future.

Retirement Planning Qatar – Our fully qualified Planners in Qatar will take time to understand your retirement goals and find the right solution for you and your family.

Financial Planning  At Guardian we provide Lifestyle Financial Planning, taking time to understand you and your family’s goals and financial ambitions.  We then undertake cashflow modelling and GAP analysis, generating a personalised Plan based on your individual circumstances.

Create Wealth – Saving just a small amount of your income over the long term can really help you buy those big things in life.

Preserve Wealth – We can’t make you rich but we can help to stop you from becoming poor.

SIPP Pensions If you’d like greater control, flexibility and access over your pensions then a SIPP could be the perfect solution.

Life Assurance   Working abroad can have serious implications on any existing life and family cover you may have.  It’s essential that you check your policies to make sure they cover you globally and that the levels are right for you and your family.  Our Planners can help you to assess your needs and ensure your cover is protecting you the way you would expect.

Medical Insurance International workers may not get the same benefits enjoyed by those living in their home country.  Ensure you and your family have the very best international life cover by sitting with one of our Planners.

Online/Spread Trading   If you are new to spread betting then the Guardian Spread Trading platform has educating information and an area where you can practice trading without risking any money.

Corporate Clients – Range of corporate services designed for small to medium size businesses

Workplace Pensions  Everything you need to know about NEST and workplace pensions in the UK

About Us – Get to know Guardian Wealth Management

Our Values Being completely independent from any bank or parent company means we are free to select the ideal financial solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Security You have the peace of mind of knowing that we deal with reputable financial providers based in areas which are highly regulated, offer tax efficient investments and savings with high levels of investor protection.

Testimonials Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say about our Planning services

Regulation Above all you need to make sure you are dealing with regulated, qualified individual’s and companies when dealing with your hard earned savings.  This section covers all of the boring regulatory info you will need to help you make an informed decision.


David Howell – CEO

Gavin Pluck – Regional Director

Iain Howell – Finance Director

John Hasberry – Chief Operations Officer

Leighton Jones – Regional Director

Sharon Pearson – Business Operations Director

Vincent Jones – MBE MA – Non Executive Chairman

History Showcasing our pedigree and experience in UK and offshore financial planning services

Recruitment We’re always looking for new talent.  If you think you have what it takes to work offshore in a challenging yet rewarding environment then get your details filled in!

Legal Trust services, Will writing, legal advice; all form a major part of holistic financial planning.  We’ve teamed up with Irwin Mitchell to provide global legal advice to our clients.

Will Writing Through Guardian Wealth Management Legal Services, our innovative approach to will writing means it’s a simple step to ensuring your wishes will be carried out and your estate distributed as you wish.

Lasting Powers of Attorney  With an aging population the need to protect your affairs against incapacity is becoming ever more important.

Tax and Trust Services Whatever your tax requirements, Guardian Wealth Management Legal Services has the experience and expertise to provide the support you need.

Probate and Estates Our legally qualified team have significant experience and expertise to handle the most complex of estates.

Conveyancing  See how Guardian Wealth Management Legal Services can help you with your conveyancing needs

Family Law  We can provide advice on family and relationship matters in relation to a separation and divorce, your children or your legal position in a new relationship.

Corporate Law Dealing in all aspects of Corporate Law, we cover a wide spectrum of areas including general company law work

Employment Law  Through Irwin Mitchell’s specialist team of employment lawyers we will carefully explain to you what is involved and will ensure that you are given the best advice and support.

Legal Advice Helpline Need help?  We’ve got a hotline you can call and speak directly to one of our legal team.


Brussels  Brussels  office details

Brussels Services  Summary of our financial services in Brussels

Frankfurt  Frankfurt Office details

Frankfurt Services Summary of our financial services in Frankfurt

Managers Profiles Frankfurt  Meet our top people in Frankfurt

Hong Kong  Summary of our financial services in Hong Kong

Managers Profile Hong Kong  Meet our top people in Hong Kong

Netherlands  Netherlands office details

Netherlands Services  Summary of our financial services in the Netherlands

Qatar  Qatar office details

Qatar Services Summary of our financial services in Qatar

Managers Profiles Qatar Meet our top people in Qatar

Sweden Sweden office details

Sweden Services  Summary of our financial services in Sweden

Managers Profiles Sweden  Meet our top people in Sweden

Switzerland  Switzerland office details

Switzerland Services Summary of our financial services in Switzerland

Managers Profiles Switzerland  Meet our top people in Switzerland

UK UK office details

UK Services  Summary of our financial services in the UK

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