Guardian Wealth Management advice and support for SIPP Pensions

SIPPS, or Self Invested Personal Pensions are becoming more and more popular with individuals planning for their retirement – and with good reason.

While you may already be paying into an occupational pension, there’s nothing quite like being in control – and with a SIPPS, control is exactly what you get. If you’d rather be the one calling the shots and choosing your own investments, then a SIPPS pension could be the perfect solution.

SIPPS act as a ‘tax wrapper’ giving you financial benefits on many different types of investment – so providing you make the right choices, you can enjoy some fantastic tax allowances as well as the knowledge that you’re working towards a more comfortable retirement.

SIPPS – benefits and investments

With a SIPPS, benefits don’t stop at the control and tax advantages we’ve already mentioned. The many different investments that are eligible under a SIPPS scheme is also a big attraction for many savers – and with this type of pension no longer being exclusively beneficial to those in the higher income bracket, their benefits are being more widely felt across the retirement landscape.

While some assets and investments will be subject to taxation, you can invest in any of the following with your SIPPS and enjoy their fruits tax free:

  • Commercial property
  • Regulated investment trusts
  • Gold bullion
  • Stocks
  • Shares
  • Unit trusts
  • Traded endowment policies

The control and flexibility of a SIPP pension isn’t limited to the self investment aspect or the different types of assets you can choose either. When it comes time to put your feet up and retire, you can draw a pension from a percentage or the entirety of your SIPPS fund. Once you’ve drawn your tax free lump sum, you can buy an annuity with the rest, or alternatively, keep it invested in a ‘drawdown’.

Of course no financial decision is without its difficulties – with a SIPP pension, the main thing to consider is whether or not you’re really prepared to shoulder the responsibility of your retirement planning yourself – it’s certainly not for everyone.

Our financial advisers are here to help

Making long term pension decisions and financial commitments can be a confusing time; thankfully our independent financial advisers here at Guardian Wealth Management are always on hand to offer you their expert help.

We can talk you through the different potential ways that a SIPPS could benefit you and the options that they can present. Speaking in a clear, jargon free language that you’ll really understand, we will offer you clear SIPPS advice so that you can come to the right conclusion for your personal needs.

With advisers all over the world, Guardian Wealth Management is here for all your financial planning needs. Why not download our FREE QROPS Versus SIPPS Guide now?

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