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Are you an expat and do you want to put aside some money?


Guardian Wealth Management can offer you the best Expat Savings Plan for your individual needs.

Make use of your expat status to get tax advantages while keeping your money safe and accessible at all times.


Ask for your Free Expat Savings Analysis.


Save more money


Lots of expats save too little money. While mostly gaining a better income then at home, their spending is higher too. Are you prepared for your retirement, your children’s education, a new house, a dream wedding or even just for a rainy day?


With good planning and the right product, your financial goals can be easily achieved whilst fitting in with your regular budget.


High demand


Our Saving plans for Expats are in high demand.
Most expats like to put aside some money and need a savings plan that is suited to their expat lifestyle, gets them the best interest rates, and offer tax exemptions where possible.


Whatever your motivation for saving, and whether you want to save a little or a lot, Guardian Wealth Management’s financial advisors can help you to identify and select the best savings plan for your individual needs.

Ask for a free Expat Savings Analysis now.


It’s all about you


Guardian Wealth Management will listen to your specific needs and take the time to truly understand your circumstances – this enables us to source the very best savings plan to help you reach your target. We work hard to ensure that your savings are safe, tax efficient and accessible when you need them.

Whether you are interested in a tax exempt savings, regular savings, monthly savings or a long term savings plan, talk to a Guardian Wealth Management financial advisor now, who will be happy to show you how you can achieve your financial objectives.