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Guardian Wealth Management is pleased to invite you to download a FREE copy of our QROPS Guide.

Find out everything you need to know about QROPS Pensions including answers to commonly asked questions such as ‘What is QROPS?’ and ‘How do I invest in QROPS?’

Guardian Wealth Management is well known and highly regarded within the worldwide Financial Services sector, providing the most up-to-date information and advice on all wealth management matters, including professional QROPS pension advice and information on HMRC guidelines.

In fact, GWM are so widely recognized as leading Independent Financial Advisers, that we are regularly invited to share our advice on QROPS, pensions and other matters of financial planning with a wide range of top quality financial publications.

They come to us to help educate and inform their readerships because they know they can trust us; a reputation that we have worked hard to build and maintain over our many years in the industry.

Guardian Wealth Management – The Best Source for QROPS Advice

If you are considering a QROPS pension and are looking for genuine, independent QROPS advice, Guardian Wealth Management are the leading resource for QROPS information and help.

GWM understand how important financial planning and security is to their clients and are 100% committed to providing clear and relevant information, whether regarding your QROPS pension or any other investment solution.

We work hard to respond immediately to any changes in the financial landscape, ensuring the very best service provision possible.

Helping You To Invest In QROPS: Leading HMRC And QROPS Advice All Over The World

Guardian Wealth Management has offices all over the world, ensuring that we can provide a truly international service to clients wishing to secure their financial future, plan their pensions or invest in QROPS.

GWM constantly strive to increase our standards of service and we’re currently taking on board a large number of additional experienced Independent Financial Advisers to provide the very best wealth management and QROPS advice from our numerous locations across Europe and the Middle East.

If you’re wondering ‘What is QROPS?’ you will find no better company from which to find the answers.

You can access every bit of information you need to find out about QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes) and how you can invest in QROPS to make them work for you through our website.

Our QROPS advice has been collated and developed through real first-hand experience by some of the best Independent Financial Advisers in the world.

Why not take a look at our QROPS FAQs.

QROPS – A Brief Look At The Facts

QROPS can offer a wide range of financial benefits to expats and people with UK pensions who choose to live abroad; they can boost your pension’s funds, offer tax advantages and give you greater control over your investments.

As with any changes in your finances or personal circumstances, you need to be aware of HMRC rules and regulations and any subsequent effects on your pensions and investments.

If you’ve looked at the options for pensions and have decided to invest in QROPS, you must be aware that for the first 5 years, the same HMRC rules apply as to other UK pensions; any payments must be declared to HMRC and you may have to complete a self assessment form.

After this 5 year period, the restrictions placed on UK pensions are no longer valid and your QROPS no longer has to report to HMRC.

If you decide to move your pensions and invest in QROPS, you will be helping to secure your hard-earned wealth for your family’s future too. You don’t have to buy an annuity with a QROPS, so your pension’s value will live on with your estate in the event of your death.

As well as being able to help you with QROPS Advice, Guardian Wealth Management also offer a full range of financial advice services.

No matter what wealth management advice you’re looking for, you can trust our independent advisors to provide the very best solutions for a wide range of financial matters, such as:

So whether you would like help with QROPS or any other financial planning matter at all, you can trust Guardian Wealth Management to give you the very best help and advice possible.