Private Medical Insurance In Association With Bupa

Nobody knows what the future holds for our personal health, so private medical insurance should be an integral part of your life and wealth management strategy.

For expats, the need to be covered for potential illness or injury is even more critical – when you’re living in a foreign country you may not be able to easily access good quality medical care and even if you can, it is likely to come at a significant cost.

Whatever your circumstances or current state of health, without good quality private medical insurance your finances could take a real hit if you need treatment or surgery while abroad.

In recognition of this, Guardian Wealth Management has teamed up with healthcare industry leaders, Bupa, to provide the very best private medical insurance to our expat clients around the world.

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BUPA – Private Medical Insurance For Expats

We believe that the association between Guardian Wealth Management and Bupa will ensure the very best private medical insurance solutions possible.

Bupa have been operating internationally to assist expats with their health care needs for 40 years, while Guardian Wealth Management has nearly two decades of experience in working with expatriates.

Our combined experience and insight has enabled us to develop a comprehensive range of private medical insurance options to suit any expat, in any location.

We appreciate just how important private medical insurance is to your overall financial planning strategy, so we will use our vast expertise to help you select the right option.

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Expat Private Medical Insurance – An Option For Everyone

Our collaboration with Bupa means that you can access award-winning medical insurance from the leading health care provider, coupled with clear and impartial advice from our team of independent financial advisors, operating from locations around the world.

With the choice of individual membership private medical insurance or group membership private medical insurance, there are cover options for everyone – whether they are an independent member or part of a wider group, such as a company.

Our Worldwide Health Options flexible plan also allows you to select exact cover options, while still benefiting from all of the core advantages of Bupa’s Worldwide Medical Insurance.

If you would like to find out more about our premium private medical insurance for expats, please contact one of our financial advisors now.

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