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  • Pension income planning
    ———— The future of pension income planning – not just final salary schemes! Upon hearing the liberations in pension legislation – mainly the flexibility over taking pension income, the financial press were fast to announce the end to lifetime pension annuities, but surely they do still have a place in the market? Many clients are now looking to transfer their final salary plans in order to take advantage of private …

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Wealth Management – Financial Planning Advice

Wealth Management – Financial Planning Advice

At Guardian Wealth Management we pride ourselves on offering only the very best financial advice services, courtesy of our professional, highly experienced financial advisors.

We understand that when it comes to wealth management, clients want clear and honest information that is tailored to their specific circumstances.

That’s why our financial advisors take the time to listen to your current situation and understand your personal objectives – we fully respect that your financial goals are as individual as you are.

We will talk you through every stage of the financial planning process, enabling you to make the right choices that will set you on the path to a more secure financial future.

We know that financial planning can be a complicated and multi-faceted issue. To achieve your objectives, you may require a combination of wealth management solutions in order to achieve the best results.

In recognition of this, we offer a wide range of financial planning services, so that we can help you to identify the most beneficial options for you and your family.

Guardian Wealth Management’s financial advisors have in depth knowledge of the various issues regarding expat workers and retirees.

This means that if you’re currently living outside of the UK, you can be assured of location-specific advice from advisors who fully understand the variations in laws that apply to different countries.

Financial Advice And Wealth Management Solutions For Expats

Guardian Wealth Management operate from many locations across the world, enabling us to provide financial advisors who are experienced in dealing with the diverse laws and regulations that apply to different jurisdictions.

We are used to working with non-UK residents, providing comprehensive wealth management advice to expats, including guidance on using QROPS as an alternative to British pensions.

Each of our individual offices are fully sanctioned to operate by the relevant regulatory bodies, which means that our clients are accessing advice from financial advisors that have been endorsed by the official financial service authorities.

We have expert teams of financial advisors in the following areas outside of the UK; Dubai, Qatar, Frankfurt, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Guardian Wealth Management is continually striving to improve its service provision, with plans to open further offices in a variety of new worldwide locations.

Our overseas offices are regulated by the following financial authorities:

The Netherlands and Frankfurt – The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) of Belgium, operating under EU Freedom of Establishment laws.
Qatar – The Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority
Dubai – As an appointed representative of CFS we are licensed by the Central Bank of the UAE
Switzerland – The Organisme d’Autoregulation fondé par le GSCGI et le GPCGFG (OAR-G)

Comprehensive Financial Advice Services

In order to ensure a secure financial future for yourself and your family, it’s important that you source the best wealth management solutions for your own circumstances and objectives.

By working alongside financial advisors that are entirely independent, you will be able to access the best solutions from across the whole marketplace.

Our financial advisors can help you to develop a strong financial strategy, designed to fit in with your current lifestyle and longer-term plans.

We will also assist you in reviewing and adapting your financial plan periodically, to take into account any changes in your situation.

We understand that it is your money that you have worked hard for, so we give you complete control – our advisors are simply here to offer you guidance and a helping hand.

We can help you with every element of wealth management, offering independent financial advice on the following:

If you would like to benefit from our professional financial planning and wealth management advice, you can contact our financial advisors through our online web form or by calling +44 (0) 800 779 7028.

Alternatively, for more information about any of our services and our independent financial advice, feel free to browse our website.

If you’re an expat looking for advice on QROPS as an alternative to your British pension, we are considered within the financial services industry to be one of the leading sources of advice on QROPS.

Please feel free to download our comprehensive QROPS guide, completely free of charge.

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