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  • Not So New Scotland Yard
    Headquarters of the Metropolitan police New Scotland Yard has been sold to Middle Eastern developers for £370 million. A financial group in Abu Dhabi paid over £120million above the asking price for the building which has housed the Met since 1967. Mayor of London, Boris Johnson approved of the deal claiming that it was an investment in the future he said “This landmark deal allows us to preserve the past …

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Wealth Creation and Passing On Wealth

Wealth Creation and Passing On Wealth

As much as we spend time focusing on wealth creation, part of the reason most of us have for doing so is for passing on wealth to our loved ones – Guardian Wealth Management and our team of highly experienced financial advisors can show you how to invest for the best wealth creation results, and offer advice on passing on wealth that you’ve amassed over your lifetime.

Passing on wealth is a personal and sensitive issue – it is the final big gesture to your loved ones, so you want to know that matters of passing on wealth will be dealt with respectfully and responsibly.

Guardian Wealth Management’s financial advisors will handle your questions about passing on wealth in the most professional and gentle manner possible.

Create Wealth to Enjoy, Then Let Us Help With Passing Wealth On

After learning how to invest and structuring a positive wealth management strategy, you want to be able to make the most of your wealth creation efforts and also start thinking about passing wealth on.

You create wealth now to enjoy with the people you love, work on preserving wealth to provide a legacy and then put into place a plan for passing wealth on, to help your loved ones after you’ve gone.

Estate planning makes passing wealth on possible, but you need expert professional tax and legal advice from qualified financial advisors in order to ensure good wealth management once you’ve passed on. Guardian Wealth Management has the experience and skills to help you with this challenging task.

Our services are designed to look after you every step of the way, from wealth creation to passing wealth on when the time comes. The matters to consider at the heart of estate planning are complex – which is where our financial advisors can help.

Passing Wealth On – The Problems Of Estate Planning

If you’re an expat or international worker, passing wealth on can be particularly complicated; where you live, where you make your will and where you earn your wealth may cause cross-border conflict. Where you die may cause further issues too.

You also need to look at ways of reducing the burden of taxation on your estate, so that during the process of passing wealth on, your beneficiaries don’t lose out too much.

Your wealth creation strategy may have involved several different countries and assets; valuing an estate under these circumstances requires in-depth knowledge and skill – which is exactly what our financial advisors have in abundance.

Our advice is, if passing on wealth is important to you, then start the estate planning process sooner rather than later, because you never know when the unexpected might happen.

Guardian Wealth Management can help you in every element of wealth creation, preserving wealth and passing wealth on. Why not speak to one of our financial advisors today about inheritance tax planning, retirement planning, QROPS or any other wealth management issue you may require help with?

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