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  • Forget mortgages; the real cost lies in child care
    We are a country enchanted by property; from rising house prices to mortgage deals, buying a house is a top priority for many. How ironic then, that while we’re preoccupied with saving up for a house and working out how we’ll pay our mortgage, a report has revealed that families now spend more on childcare than they do on their mortgage. A study released by the Family and Childcare Trust …

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Our Offices

Our Offices

Guardian Wealth Management is in strategic international locations around Europe and the Middle East to ensure we deliver a service that meets the needs of our expatriate clients. We are here in the Netherlands because you are.

Our Independent Financial Planners are here to help you create, preserve and pass on you wealth.

As well as specialising in financial planning for the International Community here in the Netherlands, Guardian Wealth Management is part of an extensive partner network which ensures you get help with Mortgages, Tax Advice, Housing, Legal Advice and Redundancy Advice. All of this advice is geared towards You, the expatriate living and working in the Netherlands.

In addition to our excellent network of experts specialising in these areas our advisers will also be able to discuss solutions for Savings Plans, Lump Sum Investments, Education Fee Planning and Retirement Planning.

We understand the Financial Planning Needs of our clients in the Netherlands and if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to speak with us then contact us today for further advice and information.

Guardian Wealth Management,
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Guardian Wealth Management SPRL is supervised by the Commission Bancaire, Financiare et des Assurances (CBFA). CBFA Register Number 103245.

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