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Why Use an Independent Financial Adviser?

If you’ve reached a point in your life where you need to start thinking about a financial planning strategy, you have one of two options – do it all yourself by conducting your own research and taking a chance on the information you find, or seek out an independent financial adviser who can help you to make the most of your money. While doing your own research can be a useful tool to give you a basic understanding of the different products and options available to you, it’s impossible to get bespoke advice unless you utilise the expertise of qualified and regulated financial advisers . Wherever you’re located, it shouldn’t be too difficult to identify local financial advisers who are regulated and can help you with your financial planning and answer any specific questions you may have pertaining to your individual circumstances.

What’s the Difference Compared to Regular Financial Advisers?

So what can independent financial advisers do that you can’t do yourself? Well obviously, the first essential ingredient that financial advisers can bring to your strategy is a wealth of experience and an in-depth understanding of the various financial planning solutions that you may be considering. Some elements of financial planning can be quite complicated, especially if you’re looking at making lump sum investments to create an income or increase your capital. Additionally, there are some other financial products, such as annuities, that can’t be changed once you’ve committed to your chosen provider. This means that the advice of an independent financial adviser can make a big difference in terms of sourcing the right product for your needs in the first instance – get it wrong, and there’s no turning back.

Financial advisers who act independently of providers and suppliers do not recommend products from just one provider. This is incredibly important, as financial advisers who are tied to a specific provider will always try to convince you to purchase products from that provider – this is fine if those products happen to be the most suitable ones for your circumstances, but this is quite unlikely. By using an independent financial adviser you have the benefit of being given recommendations that suit your individual requirements, rather than the recommendations being solely due to the fact that the adviser can only recommend one provider’s products.

Don’t Take Chances With Your Financial Planning

Ultimately, your personal wealth is your priority, and the success of your financial planning strategy should also be a priority of any financial advisers that you may choose to work with. Unfortunately, with financial advisers who are closely tied to certain providers, this isn’t always the case. Using an independent financial adviser is the only way to be sure that you’re getting bespoke advice with your needs at the heart of it.

Guardian Wealth Management are independent as we believe that it’s important to source the best products possible for our clients. When utilising one of our financial advisers, you have the peace of mind that any recommendations are based on your best interests and not our own, helping you to structure an effective financial planning strategy that fits in with your needs, your attitude to risk and your personal goals and objectives.

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