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Why Medical Insurance for Expats is so Important

Choosing expat medical insurance may be one of the smartest moves you can make. Taking the decision to leave Britain to take up permanent residence in a different country clearly isn’t something you’ll take lightly. If you’ve already made the move, or are preparing to do so, then you should seriously consider how the financial future of you and your family is managed.

Living abroad can certainly come with its benefits: a warmer climate, exotic food, and a more relaxed pace of life. However, if any medical emergency occurs, you may not be guaranteed the same quality of health care you’ll find in the UK, and if you do, it can be incredibly expensive. Medical insurance for expats is therefore incredibly important in guaranteeing security as you begin your new life abroad. Many expats arrange life assurance, but then forget this other essential element of their financial planning strategy.

The Benefits of our Expats Medical Insurance

At Guardian Wealth Management, we work in partnership with BUPA to provide high quality private medical insurance for expats. This means you’ll receive the expert independent financial advice that Guardian Wealth Management offer, including access to our life assurance portfolio, along with the excellent range of options offered by BUPA’s expat medical insurance. With Guardian Wealth Management, you’re sure to find an expat medical insurance solution to suit you perfectly.

BUPA’s 40 years experience specialising in providing private medical care means you can rely upon your expat medical insurance policy to give you healthcare of the highest order, should you ever need it. If you choose this expat medical insurance, you can gain access to over 7500 hospitals worldwide along with around-the-clock availability of medical teams, with expertise in the major languages of the world.

Your Life Assurance in Good Hands

In fact, as part of a responsible and coherent wealth management strategy, your expat medical insurance should be complemented by a life assurance policy that will guarantee your family will be properly looked after, should the event arise that you’re no longer around to provide for them yourself.

At Guardian Wealth Management, we provide expert advice to you, and can provide you with initial information on life assurance and medical insurance for expats free of charge. We understand the intricacies of life assurance overseas, and can help you plan for the worst case scenario.

Knowing that your family is secure and that your health is insured provides the peace of mind upon which you can build firm foundations for your new life abroad. It’s certainly worth your time to contact a Guardian Wealth Management independent financial advisor about expat medical insurance.

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