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Survey Finds Wealthy Brits Keen For An Expat Life

While news stories often focus on the number of foreign nationals entering the UK, a recent survey seems to indicate that more and more Britons are looking for a better lifestyle as expats abroad. While wealth management matters are important to wealthy Brits, they also feel that keeping an eye on their state of happiness is just as vital.

The survey by YouGov showed that amongst the consulted UK residents with assets exceeding £250,000, a large proportion of them believe that life in the UK offers less opportunity for well-being and quality lifestyles as opposed to other developed nations. The results also showed that general happiness levels and feeling of well-being in this country are also considered to be significantly poorer in comparison to other countries. When asked to comment on stress levels, a tiny 3% of those surveyed believe that the people in the UK suffer less stress, while 3 out of every 5 people questioned believe that Britons are much more stressed than people living in developed countries.

The survey also revealed that amongst those consulted, more than a third of them seemed eager to make the move to a new location outside of the UK and a further 14% of them were thinking about making the same move during the next couple of years.

Wealth Management – Better Tax Deals For Expats?

Problems in the UK economy over recent years has moved the focus slightly for higher-earners – while wealth management and financial security is still a big consideration, they are also becoming disheartened with the state of financial affairs here. This has led to a change in attitude towards the prospect of moving abroad, with 30% of those consulted agreeing that it is now a much more attractive proposition than staying in their home country.

Other reasons cited for wanting to leave the UK for a new life as an expat include the high levels of antisocial behaviour and crime we suffer and also the high taxation levels that we’re dealt. In terms of wealth management, if UK residents feel that they will get a better financial deal abroad and less risk of becoming a victim of crime, it’s easy to see why so many people are considering it as their next step. Other results of the survey show that only 10% believe that life in the UK is better than alternative developed countries and a massive 43% of people who took part believe that residents in the UK have quality of life that is lower in comparison.

Last November as the British government called for the development of a happiness index which would measure the British people’s value of well-being that is not simply dictated by money. The figures that have come about as a result of the survey seem to indicate that there really is a need in this country to build on people’s perspective of well-being and improving our levels of happiness.

Wealth Management Advice For Expats And UK Residents

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