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QROPS Advice for Expats – The Importance of Information

It’s no secret that rules and laws surrounding taxes and pensions are constantly being revised and updated; from the UK’s HMRC pension rule reforms to tax reforms in foreign jurisdictions, sometimes it seems like a battle just to keep up to date with all the changes. What’s more, these changes in legislation can have a direct impact on expats living abroad and could also affect the choices that expats planning their wealth management strategies make.

With this in mind, Guardian Wealth Management sends out a word of warning to expats seeking the best solutions for their financial planning – get professional advice from a reputable, regulated source. If you’re an expat considering moving your UK pension scheme into a QROPS, it’s imperative that your financial adviser has the most up to date information regarding legislation in the client’s country of residence, the country where the QROPS will be taken out and, of course, the most recent legislative changes from the UK itself.

QROPS Advice You Can Trust – Guardian Wealth Management

If you’re an expat looking for professional QROPS advice, don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position by using advisers who aren’t regulated in the country they operate from – make sure that they are fully licensed to function under the rules of that specific jurisdiction.

If you want to be sure that you’re getting the most current and relevant information for the transfer of your UK pension funds into a QROPS, speak to Guardian Wealth Management for advice. With offices in a variety of locations across Europe and the Middle East, we are appropriately regulated in every jurisdiction in which we operate and have considerable experience in the management of expat pension funds and the options available. We work tirelessly to ensure that we have access to all the latest reforms and changes, giving you the benefit of our experience and total peace of mind.

If you’re an expat considering using our to decide on which QROPS is best for you, visit our QROPS information page on our website, or download our free QROPS guide now.

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