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Qatar National Day to celebrate bond with expatriates

The theme for this year’s Qatar National Day on 18 December is ‘One Love’, a concept that aims to emphasise the connection between nationals and the many expatriates that have made the emirate their home, gulf-times.com reports.

With a logo comprising two hands forming a heart, the event will highlight this important partnership and demonstrate ‘how communities can spread love and friendship among each other’. To attract some of the two million expatriates that live and work in Qatar, organisers have purposefully scheduled a range of cultural and sporting activities.

Qatar National Day 2013

A scene from Qatar National Day 2013.

The annual celebration marks the anniversary of the day in 1878 when Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani united the existing different tribes of people into one nation. It has been a national day since 2007 and plans get more ambitious with each passing year, according to dohanews.co.

The biggest event within this occasion is the National Day Parade, which begins at 8am opposite Al Bidda Park. Participants include government bodies and the armed services. Crowds will also be treated to aerial displays by the air force.

Underlining the celebrations will be the push towards achieving National Vision 2030, in which Qatar’s officials hope to encourage residents to feel proud of their identity and confident in interacting with other cultures. The vision ultimately aspires to a peaceful and prosperous future.

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