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Qatar 2022

With the warm glow of winter sun setting for another day over the Pearl Island and the West Bay skyline puncturing an amber Doha landscape, a hundred thousand CVs land on managerial desks across the city; each hopeful and eager to ride the 2022 wave of development which will sweep over Qatar during the coming years.

At the forefront of protecting these newcomers financially, from a strategic position in the heart of the QFC Tower, are Guardian Wealth Management, the first and only FSA regulated independent financial advisory company to be granted a license by the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority.

Observing this huge influx of international workers and excited about the prospects for the company and for Qatar as a whole, is David Russell, Regional Manager of GWM Qatar LLC:

“ I am very positive for the future of our business, and Qatar as a whole, over the coming years. Our goal at GWM during this period of unprecedented economic and demographic growth is giving our clients the best possible advice regarding their finances – many people are in Qatar for the money so it’s important to have it looked after properly!”

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