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Our Regulated Financial Advisors Support the Zurich Expat-Expo

Guardian Wealth Management (GWM) is a regular supporter of the Zurich Expat-Expo, held every year at the prestigious Konresshaus, overlooking Lake Zurich. Our advisors are always delighted to be part of this excellent Expo and it gives us the opportunity to offer advice to expats, regarding their wealth management and financial planning.

Expat-Expo is a one-day, admission-free event designed for the English-speaking residents of Switzerland. There are currently annual expos in Zürich, Geneva, Basel, Lucerne and Zug, with over 400 different companies exhibiting and the event attracting over 12,000 visitors per year.

Many international workers become long-standing clients of GWM and have benefited from regular reviews, of their financial circumstances by a regulated firm – which have a tendency to change on a regular basis. This help and support from our financial advisors has been crucial during the recent financial crisis and continuing difficult market conditions; GWM continues to grow and expand into new territories, bucking market trends, as more people look for professional advice on wealth management and planning their personal finances.

Our Regulated Quality Expat Advice

Expat-Expo is designed to help the Anglophone community feel quickly at home in their new location, by showcasing a wide variety of businesses, cultural organisations and clubs from across Switzerland. In just a few hours, families can access important information about schools, professional services, clubs and associations. Being able to gather this information in such a way brings ease, a peace of mind and saves crucial time – allowing them to quickly settle into Switzerland and enjoy their new surroundings.

Ben Hardy, Manager of the GWM Zurich Office, comments: ”Integrating into a new country can be a daunting experience, both culturally and through the organisation of wealth management and their personal financial affairs. GWM has been a regular participant since the launch of Expat-Expo, which offers a unique, target specific opportunity to reach out to a large section of the international community. As a regulated firm  our financial advisors offer them a wealth of information, making them aware of the broad range of bespoke services that we offer our clients and how we can help international workers to create a robust wealth management strategy”.

We believe that this service contributes greatly to the successful integration of both newly arrived and more established expat families alike and reduces the stresses of integration for both expats and Swiss nationals.

Our Financial Advisors are Waiting to Help You

If you’ve just moved to Switzerland but you missed out on the recent Zurich expo, please feel free to contact our financial advisors to see how they can help you.

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