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New law mandates Dubai expats buy health insurance

Expatriates in Dubai must obtain health insurance for themselves and their families or face having their residency visa renewal declined, postonline.co.uk reports.

nurse-janA new ruling made by the Dubai healthcare authority was implemented at the beginning of the year, stipulating the requirement for ‘the correct level of health insurance’ – something that is likely to impact a lot on expatriates.

It is thought that many non-permanent residents had been reluctant to obtain insurance, preferring instead to wait for treatment in their own countries as and when they returned home. However, should expats want their visas to be renewed, they will need to stump up – or ask their employers to do so.

The ruling has been made as part of the new Health Insurance Law, gulfnews.com writes, which will guarantee that every resident in Dubai will be eligible to access good, affordable health services. At the moment, the news site claims, only a third of all residents have their own cover – leaving some two million people in a vulnerable state.

To ensure the cover is appropriate, some expats may need to change their policies or even choose a new provider, which could be tricky should there be any pre-existing conditions to contend with.

To assist with the decision, some 40 insurance firms have been hand-picked to provide the new cover, therefore expatriates will be able to compare prices. Doing some research in advance is well-advised.

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