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Leading Financial Advisors Offer Private Medical Insurance In Collaboration With Bupa

Guardian Wealth Management is proud to announce that we have teamed up with market leader Bupa, in order to offer quality private medical insurance to expats and clients around the world. Developing a good wealth management and financial planning strategy involves many different elements and sometimes people forget to consider medical insurance as part of their wealth management plans. Good quality private medical care, or the lack thereof, can have a significant effect on your financial position, especially if you’re an expat or contractor working abroad.

If you’re living or working as an expat in a foreign country private medical insurance can quite literally be a life-saver. Bupa has a worldwide reputation for providing quality medical care in the first instance; by accessing their services through private medical insurance, you will have peace of mind that in the event of an illness or accident, you treatment will be taken care of. As Guardian Wealth Management’s Commercial Director Ian Sweet says, “GWM has been listening to its clients who are looking for extensive options across a number of issues impacting upon financial security. Private medical insurance can be paramount for professional people contracted away from their country of origin who require medical treatment. It’s a very positive step for us and our clients teaming up with Bupa.”

Private Medical Insurance – Essential Services For Expats

For expats, being in an unfamiliar country can cause problems when it comes to health care. Seeking medical assistance can seem daunting and can prove to be a costly experience.

Additionally, cultural differences can mean that the local health care on offer doesn’t meet our expectations and can sometimes be a distressing experience. By taking out private medical insurance through a reputable organisation, you will be in control of your health care options, with the ability to make your own choices as to when and where you receive treatment.

Private Medical Insurance and Guardian Wealth Management

Guardian Wealth Management can offer private medical insurance packages in association with Bupa through both individual and company schemes. If you want peace of mind that your health is in safe hands, we highly recommend taking advantage of this new service and incorporating private medical insurance into your overall wealth management planning strategy.

To read more about our private medical insurance packages or request an instant quote visit our Bupa page.

For more information about our financial advice services , wealth management planning feel free to contact us and request to speak to a financial advisor now.

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