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Guardian Wealth Management Joins FEIFA

Guardian Wealth Management are delighted to be fully fledged members of FEIFA the Federation of European IFA’s. As a pioneering member and one of the larger organisations within the federation, Guardian are pleased to have seen the members list increase dramatically over the last year.

Gavin Pluck, European Director at Guardian stated that it was a necessity to have such a Federation in place who’s barriers to entry enable clients and IFA’s alike to use FEIFA as positive point of reference in determining the caliber of an IFA organisation operating within Europe. Membership has increased and the benefits to FEIFA members are becoming very clear. I expect the Federation to increase in strength over the coming years and that we will see it forge a level of consistency and improved quality to how clients are serviced within the industry.

Membership of FEIFA, the trade body that represents English-speaking IFAs operating in Europe, has grown to almost 150 in less than six months.

The most recent advisory firm to join the organisation was Guardian Wealth Management, which does business in the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Paul Stanfield, FEIFA chief executive, said: “We have received a significant response from the IFA community at the outset and this has led to an impressive speed of membership growth, less than six months since launch.”

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FEIFA Members List

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