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Free pension health check

Do you have a pension? If so, do you know how much money is currently in your fund or what you’re likely to receive upon retirement? If not then you’re not alone – but that doesn’t mean that you’re taking the best approach either! Less than one in ten savers know how much money is in their pension fund, or the income they are likely to get from their pension when they retire. Without this knowledge, how can you be sure that your pension is working well for you? The simple answer is that you can’t.

Know your pension position

In any life situation, knowledge is key – and pensions are no exception. If you’ve got an idea of the kind of retirement you want, then you need to be sure that your pension is driving you in the right direction to achieve the desired results. It’s absolutely crucial that you check your pension statements regularly and ensure that your funds are performing as expected. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the issue because ignorance is certainly not bliss and ignoring any potential problems will not make them go away. The value of your pension pot will be the deciding factor on whether you have a relaxing and enjoyable retirement or not – so can you really afford to leave it to chance?

Call us for your free pension health check

Here at Guardian Wealth Management we will happily offer you a free pension health check so that you can assess where you are now, and where you’re likely to be in the future. We can offer tailor-made advice including guidance on increases to your pension contributions and the other investment options available. Additionally, we’re also able to advise on frozen UK pension schemes too, so if you find yourself in this position, it’s definitely worthwhile getting in touch with us.

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