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Female expats view Hong Kong as ‘land of opportunity’

Interviews with a number of highly-skilled female expatriates living in Hong Kong has revealed a belief that it offers great job prospects, scmp.com reports.

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The newspaper spoke to 40 women of various nationalities, each of whom was living in Hong Kong as a professional in their own right or the spouse of an expatriate. It did so to emphasise the lack of attention paid to this transient minority.

It found that ‘regardless of age or length of stay, [they] view Hong Kong as “a land of opportunity” for career progression and self-development’.

That said, some admitted it was difficult to secure work due to visa restrictions or inflexible working practices that didn’t accommodate family responsibilities. As such, the paper suggests, a wealth of skills are being wasted. What’s more, Hong Kong is getting most expensive.

International assignment consulting firm, ECA, recently revealed Hong Kong as the eighth most expensive Asian city for expatriates, ranking 28th globally. This overall rank was up on last year’s placing on 32nd, suggesting that the cost of living in Hong Kong is rising, shanghaiist.com writes.

However, the respondents generally agreed that they could live their lives freely in Hong Kong, feeling safe on the streets. What’s more, the paper discovered that single women have gained a sense of liberation in Hong Kong, able to ’embrace a new and largely self-defined social role’.

Employers now need to find ways to better tap into this group, one that could add significantly to the local economy.

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