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Britons working abroad are still happy to the live the foreign dream

The foreign dream is still alive and kicking for the majority of Britons living and working abroad.

A recent Lloyds TSB survey has reported that over three quarters of expats abroad have no intention of returning home to Britain in the near future.

David Howell, Chief Executive, of the Guardian Wealth Management Group, says the expat lifestyle continues to appeal “The British economy is continuing to battle a torrent of headwinds, including high unemployment, record low interest rates, steep inflation and deep uncertainty. It comes as little surprise then that 79% of expats surveyed said they plan to remain abroad indefinitely; a figure that has jumped almost 20% over the past two years.

It is reported that the majority of expats find that their quality of life is far superior; often they benefit from tax-efficient salaries, interesting cultures and great educational and healthcare opportunities for their families.

As the world is evolving, with the Middle East and Far East continuing to expand and diverge into new sectors. It is envisaged a strong growth for these economies and as such, British workers will remain in high demand going forward.

It is expected that the number of expats seeking to live abroad indefinitely will continue to rise over the coming years as more and more appreciate the benefits of their new lifestyle.”

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