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  • Forget mortgages; the real cost lies in child care
    We are a country enchanted by property; from rising house prices to mortgage deals, buying a house is a top priority for many. How ironic then, that while we’re preoccupied with saving up for a house and working out how we’ll pay our mortgage, a report has revealed that families now spend more on childcare than they do on their mortgage. A study released by the Family and Childcare Trust …

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Managers Profile Frankfurt

Leighton Jones

LeightonJones Leighton joined Guardian Wealth Management within the first year of the company’s entry into mainland Europe.  Leighton has progressed from qualified Planner to Director due to his ability to enter and build new territories.  Initially working predominantly with ARICSA, the retirees association for the Unitied Nations, Leighton has found more recent specialism dealing within the Oil & Gas sector.  This proved especially important in Leighton’s last posting to Qatar where he was responsible for overseeing the creation of Guardian’s Middle East Headquarters.
Leighton has also been responsible for rolling out the company’s global training strategy, defining benchmarks and minimum standards.  The work undertaken since January 2012 now sees it written in policy that all Planners are qualified to at least CISI Level 4 within 24 months of their commencement; a policy which is far, far beyond the wildest ambitions of most offshore competitors.
Having worked in most continents during his career, Leighton has a wealth of experience dealing within a vast array of sectors and has now taken on the new challenge of building Germany.  Although Guardian has retained a presence in Frankfurt for two years, Leighton is now responsible for penetrating deeper into the market, and is looking forward to bringing much needed transparent and accountable financial planning throughout the region.  There is Leighton feels, a real need, and want from clients, for UK style transparency in all financial dealings from education planning through to QROP’s, QNUP’s and more general retirement and investment advice.
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