Wealth Management – Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance tax planning is an important element of your wealth management strategy, as it allows you to continue to help your loved ones after you’re gone.

While we all have our hopes and dreams for our own life and future, it’s true to say that most of us don’t just generate wealth for ourselves, but also for the benefit of our friends, family and those closest to us.

It may feel a little morbid to think or talk about our own death, but it is a very real part of life that none of us can avoid. The problem is that unless you acknowledge and plan for it now, you may find that passing your hard-earned wealth on to those you want to benefit from it is difficult.

Inheritance tax issues need to be addressed and managed as early as possible to ensure that your finances are organised and prepared in the event that anything should happen to you.

Inheritance Tax Planning – Expats, Cross Border Estates & Business Succession

At Guardian Wealth Management, we believe that inheritance tax planning is the cornerstone of your financial strategy.

Our expert team of financial advisors will guide you through this sensitive issue, to enable you to make the best possible plans for your estate in the event of your passing.

For expats and international workers who are living outside of the UK, getting professional advice on inheritance tax planning from a qualified financial advisor is even more vital – these already intricate inheritance rules can be further complicated due to the fact that the tax laws of more than one jurisdiction may need to be considered.

Another complication regarding inheritance tax planning can occur if you’re in business with partners or shareholders in a company, as you may find your business may end up in the hands of someone not approved of by yourself or your business associates.

Inheritance Tax Help From Professional Financial Advisors

If there’s one aspect of your wealth management and financial planning strategy that you should seek professional help with, then inheritance tax planning is it – purely due to its complexity and the implications it holds for your family and loved ones.

In the first instance, you will need to make a Will and possibly also think about setting up a trust. For further advice regarding inheritance tax planning, speak to one of our wealth management experts today.

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