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    ———— The future of pension income planning – not just final salary schemes! Upon hearing the liberations in pension legislation – mainly the flexibility over taking pension income, the financial press were fast to announce the end to lifetime pension annuities, but surely they do still have a place in the market? Many clients are now looking to transfer their final salary plans in order to take advantage of private …

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Guardian Wealth Management – Client Reviews

Guardian Wealth Management – Client Reviews

It is very easy for us to tell you how great we are, but it really is important to back that up with genuine reviews from clients.  Apart from the Testimonials below, we are more than happy for you to speak personally with real customers so that you can hear for yourself how seriously we take our role as financial planners.

If you visit our Regulations section you will see that we are fully regulated to provide financial planning services in all of the areas we operate.  We are completely transparent in what we charge, what you get and how much your Planner will get paid.

We know we’re great at international financial planning, but here’s a few reviews of our happy clients…


Majbritt Byskov-Bridges, Senior Financial Consultant Switzerland

I would very much like to thank you for all your advice, care and attention over my affairs through the last 2.5 years. I have felt my business, albeit very modest, to have been with a really very safe pair of hands and I have thoroughly enjoyed the contact we have enjoyed. I am only sorry not to have started sooner!

Mary Perkins – Retired ICRC, Geneva


Majbritt Byskov-Bridges, Senior Financial Consultant Switzerland

I am very grateful to you and your organisation and praise God for crossing my path with Majbritt. Thanks to her, my daughter is going to complete her Ph.D. I will forever be grateful for what her financial advice has achieved in my family.

Mpenga Kabundi – retired from ILO, Geneva & Zambia


Mark Saunders, Financial Planner Sweden:

“Mark has been helping me a lot with all the questions I had. He is very service minded and explained everything very nicely.He always gives clear example which made me understand much better. Mark is very professional and treats customer in a very respectful and honest manner. I really appreciate the service I received from Mark and Guardian Wealth Management.”


Matthew Howard, Financial Planner Global Client Services:

“In my 10 years working experience, I’ve met few that are as organized, proactive and responsible as Matthew. He is very dedicated to his work and clients and has extensive knowledge of investment products and financial markets. Matthew is not only a great financial advisor but he also has a strong aptitude for understanding his client’s needs which makes him a great person to work with.”


James Kennerdale, Financial Planner Qatar:

“I began working with James nine months ago when he agreed to take over my portfolio from an advisor with another company, whose performance and service I was not happy with. I was very impressed with the clear strategy that James proposed and implemented for me and felt confident that my new investment strategy had clear direction. During the last nine months James has always been on hand to answer any queries that i have, no matter how trivial!

It is very refreshing to, at last, have an advisor who not only regularly reviews my
investment with me but comes fully prepared with contextual notes of where the portfolio
should be headed. My investment has seen great levels of growth under James’ direction
and i am looking forward to a long standing working relationship with him.
I would wholeheartedly recommend James’ services to anyone who is seeking solid,
ethical and friendly financial advice.”

Mark Beharrel

Jessica Cook, Financial Planner United Arab Emirates:

“I had the pleasure of meeting Jess in April 2012, after a fall out with a rival financial advisor outfit in Dubai. My previous experiences had been of pushy, arrogant people, however I found Jess to be a breath of fresh air in both her approach. Very personable, and confident in her knowledge, and for the first time I feel relaxed knowing that Jess is looking after my portfolio. We have met up twice since the initial meeting as Jess promised me quarterly catch ups, and has been true to her word. I have been pleased with her honest advice and clear explanations, as finance baffles me, and I am actually starting to understand fund management, and how my portfolio is behaving. I would not hesitate in recommending Jess and her team for the services that they provide.”

Tim Kelham | Manager of Training and Delivery for DU (UAE)

Matthew Howard, Financial Planner Global Client Services:

“I have had the chance of working with Matthew over the past couple of years and he has always been readily accessible to discuss potential options across a range of financial services. He is also detailed in his approach and is able to answer questions about particular funds and investment products. He is able to give realistic expectations of the different products in an honest and transparent way consistently. I would recommend him readily to anyone else seeking financial advice – both short- and long-term.”

Arindam Varanasi

Thomas Evans, Financial Planner Qatar:

“I wanted to send you an email of thanks for the services that have been provided by your team. Since the initial meeting, Tom Evans has been exceptionally professional in explaining all of the options that were available to me and made my decision to invest a simple one. The continued customer care I have received from Tom and Tamara Campbell has been first class, with every question been answered quickly and efficiently.

I look forward to a long and successful relationship with Guardian Wealth Management and have already recommended you to many colleagues.

Once again, many thanks.”

Thomas Hughes | Senior Event Services Manager

Mark Saunders, Financial Planner Sweden:

Dear Mr Gavin

“I had a visit from Mr Mark Saunders and I want to give my feedback regarding his visit to you.  Mr. Saunders gave me good information in a professional and trustworthy manner. It was a good meeting and whether I want to go ahead or not, I want to congratulate you for such eligible employees.”


Jessica Cook, Financial Planner United Arab Emirates:

“Jessica has helped us a great deal recently with regards to our personal finances. She has given us sound advice and works extremely hard to find us the best deals in the market place and information about existing policies. I would recommend her to any friends or colleagues.”

Jonathan Caller | BMS Manager | RW Armstrong

Neil Glaze, Financial Planner Frankfurt:

“Guardian Wealth Management is not a fly-by-night operation. Throughout the last five years, I have found them reliable and professional.
Their recommended products tend on the cautious side of investing so be reassured, but be prepared to be patient. Via Guardian, I invested a significant sum shortly before the 2008 crash. It dropped 30%, but it has recovered faster than the FTSE100.
Guardian’s significant back-office operation has been most helpful handling paperwork and chasing queries I have had with investment houses. Neil Glaze is an amenable and friendly person. He is experienced and I believe is focussed on doing the best for his clients. We meet every 4-6 months.”

Malcolm John | CERN User

Jessica Cook, Financial Planner United Arab Emirates:

“From our first introduction, Jessica has conducted all of our dealings in an honest and extremely professional manner and has taken the time to provide thoroughly measured responses to all of my questions, including knowledgeable advice on managing existing UK pension funds while overseas and the benefits of critical illness cover. Her amiable and approachable disposition has made the process of financial planning and protection for my family completely hassle free.”

Richard Sobey | Dubai, UAE & Qatar

Ben Hardy, Financial Planner Zurich:

“We have been utilizing the investment advisory services of Guardian Wealth Management since 2009, and have found the same to be professional, beneficial and completely focussed on our long term financial goals and risk appetite. Specifically our experience with Ben Hardy, our trusted financial consultant from Guardian Wealth Management has been most reassuring during the recent testing times of recession and economic volatility. Ben has done his utmost to successfully safeguard and grow our investments. We would highly recommend Guardian Wealth Management and Ben Hardy to any expatriate looking for professional investment advice and services.”

Kamalika Chakraborty & Rajat Bhattacharya

Neil Glaze, Financial Planner Frankfurt:

“Coming close to Christmas, I feel that this is a good time to give you some feedback with regards to Neil Glaze, who has been advising me on my finances for more than a
year now. Considering the current economic climate, which is affecting the whole world, financial advice is more important than ever. Mr Glaze has been consistently
vigilant over my finances, and guided me in a way such that my investments grow sufficiently, while not taking any undue risks.
Mr Glaze is courteous and polite, and is always happy to spend time to explain to me the more intricate details of the financial world in a way that I understand,
though without being patronising. This is not always an easy task, though Mr Glaze always seems to manage.
For my long term financial planning, Mr Glaze quite correctly puts some gentle, though necessary, pressure on me, to ensure that my later years will be comfortable
and as stress free as possible, at least with regards to my financial situation at that time.
As a final note, I feel at ease with Mr Glaze looking after my finances, and I am confident that he will continue to advise me of any adjustments required in the future, to ensure that my assets remain healthy while keeping the correct balance between risk and reward.”

James Cook

Steven Callaghan, Financial Planner Qatar:

“I have known Steven Callaghan of Guardian Wealth Management for a number of years and throughout this time I have always found him very professional, knowledgeable and honest. He is proactive and always easily accessible and very enthusiastic about his industry.”

Dean Watson | Vice President | Deepwater Operations

Adrian Bliss, Financial Planner Qatar;

“Having spoken to a number of local wealth management companies, we chose Guardian mainly because of Adrian Bliss. I am a strong believer that people buy from people and Adrian’s approach, honesty and frank advice helped us greatly in making our decisions. The after sales service from him has also been first rate.”

Dimitri Arlando | Head of Business Development | State Street Middle East North Africa


Gavin Pluck, Regional Director Switzerland:

“I was fortunate to encounter Gavin Pluck of Guardian Wealth Management at a time that I was concerned about three things. Of course I needed good, not too adventurous, financial advice concerning my investments. Because of my frequent travelling, I needed a person who was easily available and ready to listen to my special needs around the world. And, as well, I needed someone who could understand my special needs concerning the assignment of my estate to designated beneficiaries. On all these counts, Gavin proposed solutions that have stood the test of time, particularly over the recent period of financial unrest.
I therefore can recommend Gavin, and the Guardian Wealth Management staff,  to any person having problems for which they might need carefully tailored solutions.”

Ray Sherwood | Retired Physicist |  France and NZ

Gavin Pluck, Regional Director Switzerland:

“I have been collaborating with GWM since early 2007, and have found the service and advice to be sound, as well as fitting to my level of risk management. It has been particularly important to feel able to trust the advice of my financial consultant, Gavin Pluck of Guardian Wealth Management, during these last years of global recession and economic instability. Gavin has thoughtfully assessed the market dynamics and proposed changes to my portfolio to match my requirements. I recommend GWM to other ex-pats who are planning long-term offshore investments.”

Satisfied ex-pat based in Geneva

Gavin Pluck, Regional Director Switzerland:

“I had been looking for some time for sensible investment advice in preparation for my retirement. Having wasted a lot of time with representatives selling overpriced products, for a large commission, and with high annual charges, it was a real breakthrough to meet Gavin Pluck of Guardian Wealth management. I have always found his advice sound, and any risks clearly explained.”

Eric McIntosh | CERN Retired

Chris Ferguson, Regional Manager Dubai:

“Chris has been a great help to me since I arrived in the UAE with his knowledge of investment products available to expats. He took the time to understand my motivations financially and offered sound advice based on relevant products. Chris has conducted regular reviews with me to show the performance of my investments since they started and keeps in touch with me frequently. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris or his team to any expat looking for advice on their investment strategy.”

Adam Coleman | Regional Director| SSA Recruitment

Suite 402 | Code Business Tower | Al Barsha | Dubai | PO Box 125475 | UAE

Guardian Wealth Management UK

“This company has been advising me for the past 17 years.  During this time I have found them to be professional and positive in respect of advice.  I have recommended them to family and friends who have all been very satisfied with the service given.”

Margaret | Malton | UK

Guardian Wealth Management UK

“I first had financial advice in 1994 at a pre-retirement course and have been delighted with the continuing service ever since.
The advice has covered financial planning and investments, mortgage advice and long term health care needs.  The  personal, understanding and interest has been maintained throughout.”

Marjorie | Malton | UK

Guardian Wealth Management Qatar

“All our dealings with the Guardian Wealth office in Doha have been extremely beneficial; there is an excellent onsite team who provide us with the information we need to make informed decisions about our wealth planning, all delivered with a professional yet personal touch.”

Garry Looker | COO Finance | Qatar Gas | Qatar

Neil Glaze, Financial Planner Frankfurt:

Neil Glaze from Guardian was recommended to us by a colleague at work. We have been working with Neil for about a year now and he has been unbelievably helpful in sorting out our complicated and rather poorly organised financial affairs in order to put them on a sound footing for the future. Always available and responsive by phone or e-mail, he has always been prepared to meet to discuss details. He has a friendly approach, is very knowledgeable in financial matters and indeed it has been great fun to work with him. Exhibiting patience too, he has always had time to explain and re-explain clearly the issues and proposed solutions. His advice seems sound and so far things have come to pass as promised but only in years to come will the true value of Neil’s advice and guidance be confirmed. But we expect to get a much better return on our savings that we have been getting in the past.
We would unhesitatingly recommend that other Brits living abroad get in contact with Neil at Guardian. Indeed our daughter lives and works in Australia since 2 years and following our suggestion she will meet with Neil in a couple of weeks.

John Weston | Neil Glaze

Ryan Mayne, Financial Planner Frankfurt:

Since September 2012, I have been assigned a new financial advisor at Guardian Wealth Management, Mr. Ryan Mayne. He has been involved in providing advice about restructuring my portfolio. I have always found him to be very friendly, service-minded, and very importantly, providing quick responses to my questions.  In addition, Mr. Mayne has also shown initiative in providing information, suggestions and solutions to existing problems.

With Kind Regards,
Thomas Karlsson

Matthew Howard, Financial Planner Global Client Services:

“I am pleased to have Matthew overseeing my investment portfolio. He takes care to ensure that I’m confident and well-informed in the decisions I make, by thoroughly explaining the products and options we discuss, and giving ample opportunity to ask questions and time to think decisions through at my own pace. 

I have no doubt that Matthew is looking out for my interests, and that my financial future is more sound in his hands.”

Anna Ritchie

Neil Glaze, Financial Planner Frankfurt:

I work for an international organisation in Germany and have been a client of Mr Glaze for approximately one year.
Mr Glaze helped me in an unusual financial situation to my great satisfaction.His dealings with me as a client were extremely professional, informative and helpful. Mr Glaze explained each financial option he could offer me explicitly and more importantly understandably. The benefits and also the risks of each possibility were discussed in a language that a layman could understand. This made our working relationship very successful for me.
Personally Mr Glaze is forthright, trustworthy and accommodating. It has been a pleasure to do business with him.

Peter With | Germany

James Kennerdale, Financial Planner Qatar

I have been a resident of Doha since 2010.  As I approach my 60th year it is very important to have my financial affairs in good order.  In 2012 I was introduced to Guardian Wealth Management and James Kennerdale was appointed to provide financial advice.  I had been searching for some time to find an advisor who was competent and trustworthy –James has proved that he is both.  As a result of our relationship, a long term strategy was developed and a six figure sum has been invested. I value the independence of Guardian and this enables James to make correct “client-centred” recommendations.  Guardian is also very active in Doha organising seminars, meeting people, talking and listening.  I am sure this behaviour is no accident.  When people care it shows. I would be happy to accept phone calls in confidence from anyone with an interest in Guardian Wealth Management.

Sincerely WB (Bill) Bowen _______________________________________________________________

Stephen Peters, Financial Planner Doha:

I was first introduced to Stephen when I arrived in Doha in 2011.  As I
am a pilot with Qatar Airways, Stephen was the best person to handle my
investment and pension planning.  He is the oracle for all expats wishing
to set up pension style plans in addition to many other financial
I was provided with a concise, comprehensive and personal consultation
fulfilling all my requirements continuing with regular updates and
options on my investment packages.
Stephen offers a very professional service which includes the opportunity
to attend regular invitation only seminars at Doha Golf Club, which
enables me to meet other Guardian Wealth Management advisors and enjoy afew perks along with sound financial advice from various sectors of the
All in all I can highly recommend Stephen for all kinds of personal financial advice, provided in a very individual and friendly manner.

Mark Arnold (client)


Guardian Wealth Management Qatar LLC

Arriving in Qatar and knowing that I would have more disposable income than before, I realised the need for greater discipline and the opportunity to develop more long term financial planning.  After discussing my needs with a few advisors and firms, I had an initial meeting with Guardian Wealth.  Not only did I feel that they were the first company to actually listen to my needs, they took the appropriate time to identify the vehicles that suited my needs and not necessarily theirs.

I’m very pleased & feel comfortable to be working with Guardian and find it an additional benefit that they provide informative workshops and some fun additional activities on top…at no additional cost!

Shawn Cramer
Head of Employee Benefits
Maerskoil Qatar


Jessica Cook, Financial Planner Dubai

“It is interesting to note that I was recommended to speak to Jessica by a very good friend, based on his own financial dealings with Guardian Wealth Management.
Since our meeting, Jessica has upheld these high expectations, taking time to understand my requirements, providing sound professional advice on well selected products and all handled in a very professional yet personal manner. A great person to deal with.
I am highly delighted with the results achieved and have no hesitation passing on this recommendation to any person looking for advice on their own investment strategy”

Stephen Ball
Project Executive Dubai


Neil Glaze, Financial Planner, Frankfurt

Neil has been advising me on my investments for the past two years. He is very pleasant and easy to deal with and extremely competent. He knows how to explain things clearly to those of us without a background in finance and shows genuine understanding of the layperson’s concerns. I really appreciate his realistic, down-to-earth approach, not to mention his patience! He has never encouraged me to take more risks than I really wanted to. His advice has proved totally sound and he has gained my full confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend him or Guardian Wealth Management to anyone I know.

Glynis Thompson
Translation and Editing Services


Ian Sweet – Commercial Director

I have been impressed by the way things have gone.
I will certainly recommend Guardian Wealth Management to anyone who might be in a similar situation to myself.
I can’t believe it has gone so smoothly. Well Done.

QROPS Client Cyprus.


Majbritt Byskov-Bridges  – Senior Financial Consultant – Switzerland

I have not met anybody else who knows so well the needs and concerns of retiring international officials.

A.E. UN Geneva.


Hamzah Shalchi – Senior Financial Planner – Middle East

Dear Hamzah,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Hamzah is a highly motivated and personable advisor. He engages regularly and provides investment recommendations based on current and dependable information.”

Alex Harding. Mubadala


Hamzah Shalchi – Senior Financial Planner – Middle East

“Hamzah Is a very knowledgable financial advisor and provided personal financial guidance/instruments that have saved me substantial sums of money. He has helped me reduce my risk profile while still returning above average returns. He continues to keep in touch with me about my portfolio instead of disappearing after the initial sale. I highly recommend Hamzah for his services and expertise and I have recommended him to several of my colleagues.”

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Daniel Perritt


Hamzah Shalchi – Senior Financial Planner – Middle East

“Hamzah is an extremely motivated and hard working financial planner who is dedicated to delivering a high standard of service to his clients. He is a true professional that goes out of his way to ensure that his clients are serviced on a regular basis. I would recommend Hamzah to anyone who is looking for impartial financial advice.”

Georgios Oikonomou MEng, PMP, ICIOB


Hamzah Shalchi – Senior Financial Planner – Middle East

“With many Financial Advisors having access to the same portfolio products I felt it was important to work with someone who I felt understood my requirements and presented a realistic savings plan. I feel Hamzah has delivered this and has taken on board all comments and feedback I provided to structure the volume of contact we have and nature of our catch ups accordingly.
Hamzah is an approachable and professional individual, I would (and do) recommend him to friends and colleagues looking for savings plans of life insurance.
His diligence and support team positively differentiate him from the dearth of providers in the local market.”

Philip Horsford


Wealth Management Advice You Can Trust

So as you can see, you don’t need to just take our word for it – this is just a small selection of the wonderful comments that we receive from our clients on a regular basis. This kind of feedback inspires us to keep on raising our standards, making sure that we are offering the very best financial and wealth management advice available. Whatever your expectations of our financial advisors are, we will always go the extra mile to exceed them.

For more information about our wealth management services, please feel free to browse our website. If you would like to talk to one of our financial advisors, please get in touch now and we will be pleased to help.


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