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  • Forget mortgages; the real cost lies in child care
    We are a country enchanted by property; from rising house prices to mortgage deals, buying a house is a top priority for many. How ironic then, that while we’re preoccupied with saving up for a house and working out how we’ll pay our mortgage, a report has revealed that families now spend more on childcare than they do on their mortgage. A study released by the Family and Childcare Trust …

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Investors enjoy a solid 9% pay out

Investors enjoy a solid 9% pay out


Christmas has come early for investors in the Royal Bank of Canada’s Monthly Miners Phoenix Notes, after the bank announced it had called after just one month.

Linked to the performance of a basket of diversified mining shares, clients received 1% for just 1 month invested. The 1% coupon and the original capital was returned to happy clients on 11th November.

There was further good news for those investors in the Commerzbank Technology Fixed Income Note which has successfully matured, paying clients a whopping 9% for just 12 months invested.

The Note was linked to tech titans AMD, Micron Technology and Seagate Technology.

A final coupon of 2.25% and the original capital was returned to those happy clients on Tuesday 12th November.

For investors looking for income, the returns far exceed those available from cash over the same period of time and highlight Guardian Wealth Management’s commitment to offering clients strong performing investment opportunities not always available direct to investors.

We pride ourselves on forging relationships with the top providers around the world covering a wide ranging selection of investment products, ensuring we give clients access to the best opportunities to enhance their portfolios.

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