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US Citizen Abroad? The IRS are coming. Prepare yourself now!

Download your free FATCA Guide.




FATCA comes into effect the 1st of July 2014

Prepare yourself for the strictest tax regime ever imposed on American expats.


FATCA (The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) requires US Citizens living abroad, to report their financial accounts held outside of the United States.


– US income tax and capital gains tax can both be up to 39,6%.


– Many financial institutions now refuse to deal with American expats due to the complexity and risk of FATCA.


– Leaving you only with heavily taxed and costly options for savings, investments and retirement planning.




Ensure your wealth ambitions and aspirations are not blown apart.



We’ve even heard of American expats giving up their citizenship. But please stay calm.

Before you act, download your Free FATCA guide.


Prepare your savings, investments and pension funds for FATCA.
Start protecting your well-earned retirement, savings and the future of your children.


We are able to help you.

After years of research and due diligence, we have found extremely strong and beneficial solutions for American expats.
The savings that can be made are substantial and help towards reducing portfolio volatility.
– Minimise 39,6% capital gains tax
– Minimise 39,6% Federal income tax at retirement

– Fully IRS compliant
– Less risk

– More flexibility

– Better access your money.


Client Focused


Guardian Wealth Management owes its roots to the UK and is fully FCA regulated with offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our global positioning ensures that we can offer dedicated, regulated lifestyle financial planning services to expats around the world.

To give you the best possible advice on FATCA we will first try to get an overview of your motivations, your concerns and your complete financial situation before suggesting any solutions to you.

The focus of our business is you. You are the foundation for everything Guardian Wealth Management delivers and we tailor personal solutions for each of our clients. This is what has made us a leading worldwide financial planning company for almost 20 years.

So whether you want a top education for your children, need to protect your family, reduce your taxes or simply have some money in the bank that could work harder for you, we are here to help you.