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What qualities should you expect from your adviser?

When you make the decision to seek the help of an independent financial adviser, it’s only reasonable that you’d expect a certain level of service. While ultimately you’re going with the intention to ‘pick their brains’ and benefit from their knowledge, it’s also important that you can trust their advice and build a good relationship – after all, you’re going to be divulging some pretty sensitive financial information to them.

At Guardian Wealth Management, we’ve garnered an outstanding reputation due to the quality of our advisers and level of advice and this is because we refuse to compromise on our high standards. We expect certain things of our advisers, so that you can get the service that you expect too.

Demanding the finest qualities

The five main characteristics and qualities that we expect from our advisers are as follows:

Honesty – There’s no point whatsoever in telling you what you want to hear. Although the news we give you may not be in line with your expectations or desires, it’s our job to ensure that you know exactly where you stand and exactly what to expect going forward. This integrity builds trust between client and adviser and means that you’ll always feel in control of your situation.

Knowledge – If you seek out a professional service then you have every right to expect that person to have the most up-to-date knowledge surrounding their field of expertise. You come to us because you need a clear understanding of the financial services marketplace – so that’s exactly what we deliver.

Impartiality – Biased advice is no advice at all. How can you expect to make an educated and informed decision if the information you’re receiving is calculated to afford favour to the adviser or the company they work with, rather than being based purely on your needs? Because we’re independent and offer a market wide service, any products or investments that we recommend are suggested entirely for the potential benefits that they offer you, not ourselves.

Clarity – Specialist sectors are full of jargon and industry specific language. While this may be the case, it doesn’t mean that service users should have to be fed information in this way. Our job is to give you a thorough understanding and that can’t be achieved if we’re speaking in a language you don’t understand. Our advisers are always clear and straight talking, giving you the facts and figures in a way that will make sense and put you in the strongest possible position to make your choices.

Empathy – For somebody to offer relevant and appropriate advice they need to understand you as an individual and the circumstances that surround you. If you’re an expat living abroad, you want to speak to someone who understands the challenges that you’re facing, the new life that you’re living and the key decisions that are most important to you. Similarly, if you’re living in your country of origin, you want someone who knows the social, political and financial landscape that you’re living in, so that they can offer the best and most appropriate advice. With Guardian Wealth Management, this is exactly what you’ll get – wherever in the world you live.

Financial advice services tailored to fit

Using an independent financial adviser should be an enjoyable, informative and stress-free experience. Here at Guardian Wealth Management, we can’t promise you the world, but we can promise you clear and comprehensive financial advice services and experts who have your best interests at heart.

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