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How a financial adviser can help the next generation

Whether or not you already use a financial adviser to help keep your money in check, if you want to send your children to university, or if you’re an expat living abroad with your family, it may well be worth your while getting some advice regarding the payment of your children’s school fees.

A good financial adviser  will be able to provide a variety of options to you regardless of the wealth management issues you wish to discuss. However, although it’s tempting to focus on financial plans for your retirement or other personal advantages, there’s one element of wealth management that is often overlooked – school fees planning. As parents of the next generation, it’s down to us to ensure that we’re providing adequate educational opportunities for our children – after all, it is them that will shape the future for all of us. While retirement planning, savings and other wealth management issues are also important, it’s essential to put the right plans in place now to enable your children to access the best education possible, to help secure their own future and the future of their children too.

School fees planning – home and away

School fees planning isn’t for everyone – after all, in the UK, we’re lucky enough to have a good, free education system that will cater for most young individuals. While the UK’s state school system is certainly one of the best available in the world, some of us would prefer to offer our children a private education or the chance to progress to university. If you have children of your own, and you’d like to take control of their education, then school fees planning  will allow you to put aside the funds necessary to open up these opportunities for them.

Making plans to save money towards school fees can also be an essential element of expat financial planning. It’s common knowledge that many countries don’t have the same free access to education as we enjoy in the UK – or perhaps you’d rather your children attended a private or international school that can offer an education in their native language. Whatever your motivations, by speaking with an independent financial adviser, you’ll be able to take advantage of their specialist knowledge and find the most appropriate ways of planning for your children’s education and covering their university or school fees.

A step in the right direction

With ever-increasing university fees and the high level of financial commitment required to secure a place in a private school, getting your education fees planning in place as soon as possible will allow you to help your children take that first step in the right direction. Guardian Wealth Management has offices in the UK and all over the world, enabling you to get professional advice from a qualified financial adviser wherever you may be.

If you’d like to talk to a financial adviser about making provisions to cover your children’s school fees, then please feel free to contact us  for some friendly, no obligation advice.

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