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Returning home to the UK? Get the facts FIRST!
The process of returning home for an expat is now harder than ever. It is essential to arm yourself with the facts now

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I'm an underperforming UK Pension Plan, get me out of here!
With the latest batch of celeb's settled in the Australian jungle trying to raise their faded profile, plug a comeback tour and / or bolster their…
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2016 International Adviser Awards in Dubai
As an international financial planning company with clients spanning the globe, we understand the importance of keeping people informed and recognise…
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Rapid growth sees GWM Investment Management relocate to prestigious Mayfair
In keeping with their brand, client profile and enormous potential, GWM Investment Management - the UK branch of Guardian Wealth Management - have…
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Win FREE tickets to the Taste of Abu Dhabi Food Festival
Win FREE tickets to the Taste of Abu Dhabi Food Festival
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Four Frightful Halloween Traditions From Around The Globe
Holidays are traditionally the time when expats pine for home the most. If we were back home today we would probably be walking the streets with our…
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Curtain comes down on the Porsche Supercup
This weekend saw GWM sponsored Paul Rees and his MOMO-Megatron team head to Austin, Texas for the final two rounds of this seasons Porsche Supercup.…

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The US equity market continued to hit new highs over the week in the wake of the election of Donald Trump as president, elevating expectations for the…
Yesterday the UK Chancellor Phillip Hammond took to the dispatch box for the first major fiscal event since the EU Referendum in June.
Markets were a little more reflective this week after the unexpected election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America.
With all the bluster of campaigning now a distant memory, the world is now seeing a somewhat different Donald Trump.
After a campaign that has lasted for almost twenty months from the start of the US primaries, and one in which the polls predicted a win for Hillary…
Equity and bond markets lost ground this week as investor nervousness over the US election builds.
Today the High Court has ruled that the Government must have parliamentary approval prior to triggering Article 50 which formally begin the process of…
The week started positively for equity markets with U.S. stocks touching their highest levels in two weeks as a flurry of deal activity and strong…
Markets got off to a weak start as investors waited for further company earnings data and the European Central Bank’s (ECB) latest monetary policy…
The week began with a significant rally in European stock markets triggered by a jump in crude oil prices following an indication from Russia that…

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