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Get the inside track on offshore investing with Guardian
Using the combined knowledge of our CISI qualified advisers and feedback from our satisfied clients we have compiled together the top 10 investment…

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Invest and Prosper
The world of football is one of the most hotly debated in terms of the money that exchanges hands for salaries and transfer fees. Indeed Paul Pogba…
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Are you a Brazilian Expat living in the UAE?
Guardian Wealth Managements Senior Wealth Manager, Natasha Maggessi a specialist and experienced tax barrister in UAE personal finance, has written a…
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Top 5 facts to get you Rio Ready!
Where have the last four years gone? It really doesn’t seem that long since we were planning work schedules and social lives to capture as much London…
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Financial convention a roaring success!
Members of the Guardian team descended upon the Carlton Ritz Hotel in Cannes recently with other members of the global investment community to discuss…
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7 financial questions YOU need answering before moving to the UAE?
When your career takes you to another country many Expats find financial planning can be complicated. Sound international advice, independent choices…
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5 things only American Expats will appreciate today
As Americans the world over celebrate the day they gained independence from the United Kingdom we have complied a list of things that only American…

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During a very quiet week, equity markets initially continued their climb as weak inflation and retail sales data out of the US released last Friday…
Global markets recorded a week of strong gains driven largely by positive data out of the U.S. Better than expected U.S. labour market data last…
Markets started the week off cautiously as mixed global manufacturing data, weakening oil prices and uncertainty over central bank policy following…
The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has voted to cut interest rates to 0.25% and introduced a package of commitments to stimulate…
Global markets recorded another week of modest gains in a week dominated by risk events in the form of policy announcements by the Federal Open Market…
The global markets recorded modest gains at the start of the new week with the impact of Turkey’s failed coup attempt last Friday seeming to have…
This week has seen an across the board ‘risk on’ rally as equity markets globally have risen, although there has been some softening in the UK and…
The impact of Brexit continues to dominate markets this week, with prices recalibrating as the impact on the global economy is reassessed. For the…
All eyes have been focused on the aftermath of the UK’s Brexit vote this week as investors have scrambled to try and understand the potential…
They say a week is a long time in politics, over the past seven days an hour has felt like a week and some days have seen more activity than an entire…

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