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What investors should be prepared for in 2017
Our Chief Investment Officer, Vikas Sengupta recently spoke to Forbes Magazine about why last years uncertainty looks set to continue and how…

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5 financial mistakes all expats should avoid
With all the excitement of starting your new life abroad it can be easy to overlook the obvious. When moving to a new country with the perfect recipe…
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Is your investment portfolio under-performing?
Get the facts about your offshore pensions and retirement plans from the UK qualified experts
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A guide to the 58th Presidential Inauguration
This week will see President-elect Donald Trump inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America, in keeping with a tradition lasting…
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Here's one New Year's resolution you can keep...
Make 2017 the year you call us and look after your tomorrow, today! The most popular New Year’s Resolutions we make are to lose weight and save money…
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Returning home to the UK? Get the facts FIRST!
The process of returning home for an expat is now harder than ever. It is essential to arm yourself with the facts now
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Why Brexit could be the best thing to happen to expats with a UK occupational pension
In an era of low interest rates and volatile markets you will probably be excited to hear that NOW is possibly the best opportunity you will have to…

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The week began with markets mulling over last Friday’s US non-farm payrolls data, with the number of new jobs having been created strongly exceeding…
Against a backdrop of Brexit and US Presidential uncertainty, Guardian Wealth Management enjoyed unprecedented growth in 2016 with revenues increasing…
Markets ended on a stronger note after a cautious start to the week. Once again investor sentiment continues to be dictated by the new US president,…
Global markets were rather mixed this week, as doubts continue to linger over the prospects of a Trump driven reflation trade.
Global markets briefly lost ground this week, prompted by the U.S. President-elect’s much anticipated press conference on Wednesday.
After the successful launch of its first sovereign bond sale back in October last year, Saudi Arabia is set to launch a second issue as early as…
Sterling fell to its lowest level since October against the dollar after Prime Minister Theresa May dismissed the idea of the UK retaining bits of its…
The new year started very much in the same vein as where it had left off, with the dollar strengthening, stock markets testing new highs and…
The FTSE 100 began 2017 by hitting a record high 7,205.21.00 points before closing lower at 7,177.89 while Hong Kong and European markets also enjoyed…
Darren Jones, the former head of international technical sales at Old Mutual International, has joined Guardian Wealth Management’s senior management…

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