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Guardian’s very own Iron Man

Meet Guardian Life Management’s senior financial planner Iain Veitch. Edinburgh-born Iain moved to Hong Kong with his veterinarian wife Joanna, having successfully built and sold his own business. On arrival in Asia’s financial hub, Iain was thrilled to see a well-established financial services sector and an expat community with needs that met his expertise. But this is a man who thrives on challenge. A continent move just isn’t enough. Iain is a notable athlete having taken up competitive triathlon racing three years ago. Since his move to Asia, he has participated in and won a number of events including the Taiwanese Iron Man, the Airwaves Challenge Triathlon, the Dragon’s Summer Series and, just three weeks ago, the 2013 Hong Kong Triathlon Challenge Race.

Iain Veitch takes part in the Iron Man - getting some rest on the beach.

Winning a triathlon is no mean feat to say the least. The race consists of long distance swimming, bike riding and running. The Hong Kong Triathlon Challenge set competitors the task of swimming 1.9km, cycling 60km and running 15km, a task most people in their right mind would not consider attempting. Those of you that live in Hong Kong will be aware that this would be a hilly course with 1km feeling more like 3. Having said all this, it didn’t faze Iain who covered the course in an overall time of 3 hours, 21 minutes and 52 seconds finishing first place in his age group – a remarkable achievement. A breakdown of Iain’s times showed he completed the swim in 37 minutes, the ride in 1:40 and the run in 1:00. The difference being the time taken for transitions.

This kind of performance does not happen without training and Iain puts in 20 hours a week to make sure he’s at the top of his game. As a well-respected member of Hong Kong’s 26 Coaching Club, Iain is in training for the Phuket International Half Iron Man due to take place on Sunday 1st December.

Iain commented: “Hong Kong’s a great place to live. It’s given me the opportunity to meet some really interesting people, help clients grow, protect and preserve their wealth and work on achieving the best I can in my triathlon career.”

Go to Guardian Life Management Hong Kong’s Facebook or LinkedIn page to learn more about what we’re up to in Hong Kong and keep abreast of Iain’s performance on 1st December.

If you’re interested in help with financial planning, contact Iain direct on +852 6690 6637 or email him at [email protected]

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