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  • Pension income planning
    ———— The future of pension income planning – not just final salary schemes! Upon hearing the liberations in pension legislation – mainly the flexibility over taking pension income, the financial press were fast to announce the end to lifetime pension annuities, but surely they do still have a place in the market? Many clients are now looking to transfer their final salary plans in order to take advantage of private …

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Retirement Advice

Guardian Wealth Management has a reliable team of independent financial advisers based around the world, who are ready and waiting to offer retirement advice no matter what your current position. Planning your retirement is an essential element of your overall wealth management plan – after a lifetime of working, it’s only reasonable that you’d want to settle into a relaxing lifestyle where you have access to enough funds to do …

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What can wealth management advisors do for you?

It’s not that long ago that most people thought wealth management advisors consisted solely of their local bank’s branch manager. If you were lucky enough to be in the black, you would be invited in to discuss what financial opportunities were available to you, and then you’d be expected to leave it all in the hands of the bank. Nowadays, people demand an awful lot more from their money and …

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Life assurance or life insurance?

With the different terminology often used in the financial services marketplace, it’s understandable that some people find financial planning a confusing world to navigate. One common item of confusion is the use of the terms life assurance and life insurance. It’s important to note that both of these terms are correct; it’s simply a matter of taste as to whether a product supplier uses the former or the latter. Technically, …

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Top 10 tips for deciding on your investment options

Financial planning isn’t just about sourcing a product and using it to boost your income. There are so many options around that it’s vital to consider all avenues and think about your personal situation in order to find the best investment or package for your needs. Here are our top 10 investment tips to help you identify the best product for your lump sum investments or overall financial planning portfolio. …

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What qualities should you expect from your adviser?

When you make the decision to seek the help of an independent financial adviser, it’s only reasonable that you’d expect a certain level of service. While ultimately you’re going with the intention to ‘pick their brains’ and benefit from their knowledge, it’s also important that you can trust their advice and build a good relationship – after all, you’re going to be divulging some pretty sensitive financial information to them. …

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