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  • Pension income planning
    ———— The future of pension income planning – not just final salary schemes! Upon hearing the liberations in pension legislation – mainly the flexibility over taking pension income, the financial press were fast to announce the end to lifetime pension annuities, but surely they do still have a place in the market? Many clients are now looking to transfer their final salary plans in order to take advantage of private …

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Retirement planning – taking control of your future

There are many different aspects to wealth management planning, and while some can perhaps be left until they become more relevant, there are some that should be attended to as early as possible – retirement planning is one such item. While it’s certainly true that we’re lucky in the UK to have a state pension scheme, it’s also true that it’s becoming harder and harder to meet our financial commitments …

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Pension schemes – how do you choose?

Selecting the right pension schemes is often one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make. Getting the right pension will have long-reaching repercussions – if you want to enjoy a financially secure retirement, you need to make the best choices possible and get your pensions in place at as early an age as you can. For people who are employed by a large company, it’s often the case …

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A brief guide to SIPPS pensions

As professional financial planners, we offer guidance and support with all different types of pensions. Here we’ll take a brief look at SIPP pensions, so you can assess whether a SIPPS may be the right option for you. What is a SIPP pension? SIPP is an acronym for Self-Invested Personal Pensions; approved by the UK government and HMRC, they offer plenty of flexibility for those wishing to make their own …

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UK businessmen take part in charity expedition for disaffected children, across Tanzania

Eight school children will take part in a nine-day expedition along with a host of business and sporting dragons BBC will publish a documentary of the highs and lows of the trip Chief executive of Guardian Wealth Management, David Howell joins a host of business and sporting dragons in a nine-day charity expedition across Tanzania. Eight students with complex emotional issues have been offered the once in a lifetime opportunity …

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