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  • Forget mortgages; the real cost lies in child care
    We are a country enchanted by property; from rising house prices to mortgage deals, buying a house is a top priority for many. How ironic then, that while we’re preoccupied with saving up for a house and working out how we’ll pay our mortgage, a report has revealed that families now spend more on childcare than they do on their mortgage. A study released by the Family and Childcare Trust …

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Getting The Right Financial Advisor For Your QROPS Transfer

If you’re an expat or you’re planning on moving abroad, you may be considering transferring your UK pension into QROPS – a QROPS can be a great way to enjoy enhanced financial benefits during your retirement, but it’s absolutely essential that you find a financial advisor with experience in the QROPS market in order to make the best decisions for your pension funds. No matter where in the world you’re …

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An effective relationship with your financial advisor

While you can access a wealth of financial advice via the internet, specialist publications and money programs, Guardian Wealth Management know that there’s no substitution for professional advice from a qualified financial advisor. The world of wealth management moves rapidly and with constant updating of products and services available, it’s easy to become confused by this complex subject. Having a qualified financial advisor that you can trust is essential to …

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Advice on Financial Advisors and QROPS From Leading Wealth Management Experts

For those of you who call in and check out our news pages regularly, you’ll know that Guardian Wealth Management offer ongoing advice on all matters of wealth management and financial planning – we help you to understand the services offered by a financial advisor and are particularly well known for providing easy-to-understand QROPS advice. With our vast experience and offices all over the world, Guardian Wealth Management has carved …

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Our Regulated Financial Advisors Support the Zurich Expat-Expo

Guardian Wealth Management (GWM) is a regular supporter of the Zurich Expat-Expo, held every year at the prestigious Konresshaus, overlooking Lake Zurich. Our advisors are always delighted to be part of this excellent Expo and it gives us the opportunity to offer advice to expats, regarding their wealth management and financial planning. Expat-Expo is a one-day, admission-free event designed for the English-speaking residents of Switzerland. There are currently annual expos …

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