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  • Pension income planning
    ———— The future of pension income planning – not just final salary schemes! Upon hearing the liberations in pension legislation – mainly the flexibility over taking pension income, the financial press were fast to announce the end to lifetime pension annuities, but surely they do still have a place in the market? Many clients are now looking to transfer their final salary plans in order to take advantage of private …

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Information About Pension Performance

With the economy still in a state of flux and the world wide economic climate suffering from high inflation and low interest rates, the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) found, through the results of their 2010 pension survey, that pension performance continues to be in jeopardy – effecting wealth management planning for many individuals. The results of the pension survey indicate that while pensions may be slowly recovering …

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Expat QROPS Advice

If you are an expat or retiree looking to move abroad, you may have already heard about Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes, or QROPS. If you’re considering transferring your UK pension into a QROPS then it is important that you seek advice from a professional QROPS adviser who understands the implications of transferring a UK pension into QROPS fund. Guardian Wealth Management can provide quality QROPS advice to expats, in …

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Sticking To Your Expat Wealth Management Strategy

For many people, the appeal of working abroad includes enhanced tax benefits and a better salary – but for a lot of expats, the new lifestyle takes over and any wealth management plans they started out with soon fall by the wayside. Initially, an expats wealth management strategy may look something like this; earn a good income, pay off their UK property mortgage, invest some of their additional income and …

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QROPS Advice for Expats in the USA

QROPS have been providing a hugely beneficial wealth management solution for expats since 2006. QROPS allow expats to transfer their UK pension funds into an overseas jurisdiction, bringing them enhanced tax benefits, increased pension incomes and more flexibility in terms of investments among many other benefits. Unfortunately however, QROPS have not been readily available for expats residing in the USA or for US residents themselves. One of the reasons for …

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Retiring Abroad? QROPS Benefits Explained

If you’re an expat or you’re planning to retire abroad, it’s well worth talking to your financial advisor about a QROPS – this relatively new alternative to a UK pension can offer many potential benefits and should definitely be considered as part of your wealth management strategy. Retirement is a time to relax, but in order to make the most of your new found freedom, you need to get your …

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Wealth Management Advice – The Importance Of Regulation

When seeking wealth management advice, it’s absolutely vital that you only use a wealth management or financial advisor who has been authorised to operate by the relevant financial regulatory body. For wealth management advice in the UK, this means making sure that your financial advisor or wealth management company is regulated by the Financial Services Authority, or FSA. For wealth management advice for expats, you will need to find out …

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Using Regulated Financial Advisors

We recently posted an article that discussed, in brief, the importance of using regulated financial advisors and financial planning companies. While we are not suggesting that all unregulated financial advisors are unscrupulous and dishonest, most professionals within the industry understand and appreciate that their clients want reassurance and a guarantee of good conduct where possible. At Guardian Wealth Management, we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously – we …

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Survey Finds Wealthy Brits Keen For An Expat Life

While news stories often focus on the number of foreign nationals entering the UK, a recent survey seems to indicate that more and more Britons are looking for a better lifestyle as expats abroad. While wealth management matters are important to wealthy Brits, they also feel that keeping an eye on their state of happiness is just as vital. The survey by YouGov showed that amongst the consulted UK residents …

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Wealth Management For Expats – Top Ten Mistakes To Avoid

Good wealth management planning with the help of professional and regulated financial advisors is essential for everybody. For expats, wealth management planning and good financial advice is even more crucial; expats needs to take into account differences in laws and tax rules that may apply in their new country of residence. Seeking wealth management advice from qualified financial advisors can help expats to make the transition to life in a …

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