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  • Not So New Scotland Yard
    Headquarters of the Metropolitan police New Scotland Yard has been sold to Middle Eastern developers for £370 million. A financial group in Abu Dhabi paid over £120million above the asking price for the building which has housed the Met since …

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A stitch in time

International Women in Retirement Women in retirement account for a growing segment of the global population but, despite advancements in female workforce behaviour, an increasing percentage of elderly women are finding themselves facing poverty during retirement. Women working internationally can …

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Spotlight on Structured Products

The financial crisis has certainly put the spotlight on structured products. The collapse of Lehman Brothers and the subsequent news about retail investors losing their retirement money invested in Lehman structured products have certainly painted a negative picture of the …

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Are we nearly there yet?

In stark contrast to the beginning of the year, when stock markets wouldn’t stop falling, we are now seeing the opposite. It seems like only yesterday that we were fearing a banking collapse, the end of capitalism as we know …

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What is QROPS – Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension

Pension is a boring subject to most, unless you’re about to retire. But since 2006, there’s a buzz surrounding UK pension, an excitement generated by the coming of QROPS. So what is QROPS and why should you care? A QROPS …

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12.5% Return

We are pleased to announce a new and exclusive product to Guardian Wealth Management clients. We have developed a unique product with Nomura Bank, which provides clients with the opportunity to benefit from 12.5% Growth Per Annum for up to …

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